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iTunes Store app not working on iPhone today, April 7

Update: This app now seems to be working fine once again, although Apple has failed to offer an explanation as to why it stopped working in the first place.

The iTunes Store app on the iPhone is not working today, and we do not know how long iTunes has been down for on April 7, 2016.

We have been unable to learn if the iTunes Store app is down today on the iPad either, as ours is currently on loan to a friend. However, we would presume the app is down for all iOS devices.

It was only by chance that we found this app not to be working thanks to several of our readers getting in touch, with some of them saying, “What’s up with the iTunes store not working“?

iTunes down

While other users have been in touch to say, “iTunes not working on iphone 5s please help Apple Support“.

We currently have no answer as to why iTunes is not working, but it only seems to be an isolated issue for iOS devices, as iTunes for Mac is working just fine, as it is for Windows.



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