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iOS 10 with remove stock iOS apps option?

Apple recently updated their iOS app in order to offer improved options, and also address a few bugs. However, there has always been one issue that has played on users minds, and that is the inability to delete stock apps. The only way to remove them was to place them in a folder out of sight – unless you had a jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is, or another, which we will explain later.

The problem is, many of these stock apps are unused and so a new folder needs to be created to hide them, much like we have done with the Extras folder. Some of these apps are just not useful and so needs to be off the Home screen, two examples for many of you are Tips, Stocks and also Watch.

However, news has come to light suggesting that iOS 10 could come with a much-needed feature, and that is the remove stock iOS option. If this is in fact true, then this will be one update that we are sure many of you will be only too happy to download and install rather than wait.

iOS 10 apps

It’s presumed that Apple will announce such a feature during WWDC 2016 in the summer, when iOS 10 will be revealed. One would resume that this will be a massive update to celebrate such a significant version number. However, in the internal API include keys it is revealed that you will not be able to delete all of the stock apps, but only some of them, although it is not known which ones.

Having said that, it’s obvious that the core ones will have to stay, such as Phone and Messages, something that Tim Cook already hinted about back in September.

In the meantime there is one other way in which to remove stock apps, and that is to connect your iOS device to a Mac and use the (enterprise) Apple Configurator tool, where you can then set up a custom Home screen.



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