Quantum Break PC release with performance problems

Many are you are wondering what time Quantum Break is out on the Windows Store on April 5, 2016. We have a heads-up for you on this, but more importantly details of serious issues also being reported in terms of Quantum Break PC performance.

Some have already got their hands on the game, but have taken to social media to complain that Quantum Break on PC is currently unstable and drops below the 30FPS mark even on low settings.


There’s also a thread that has been set up on Neogaf with users already concerned that the PC port of Quantum Break may turn out to be a headache.

As far as we’re aware, the PC release time for Quantum Break will be at 2pm UK time on April 5 so you don’t have long to wait to download it for yourself.

Once you are able to access the game from the Windows Store, we want you to report your problems here and let us know how your game runs on the setting you have chosen.

It’s not nice to hear about problems for a highly anticipated game before launch, but hopefully they are isolated.

How is Quantum Break running on PC for you?



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