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New Future Fight update teased for Thanos Co-Op

Remember that article we published recently joking about how Thanos wouldn’t be included in the next Marvel Future Fight update, due to Netmarble’s April Fool’s joke about a rhythm game?

Well Netmarble has just given out a huge teaser about the next MFF update and it looks like Thanos may be coming after all.

Over on the official Mobirum forums for the game, community manger CM Nightnurse has teased that ‘He is coming’, that passage of text coming from Proxima Midnight – aka Thanos’ lieutenant.


With Thanos already on the front cover of the game and given the fact that a Co-Op mode is coming for World Boss, it’s safe to assume that this is going to pave the way for Thanos to enter the arena.

We can see that Netmarble are hosting a two-week check in event for free biometrics, which could give us an indication that the next Marvel Future Fight update, either 2.0.1 or 2.1 is going to be two weeks away – possibly on the week starting April 18.


Obviously this isn’t a confirmation but it seems likely given Netmarble’s new event. What are your thoughts on Thanos coming to the game if true?

World Boss is already extremely difficult, so what is Thanos going to be like since he is supposed to be stronger than the average super hero?

Are we going to see a scenario where Thanos has a ridiculous HP bar and it will take days to drain it collectively? Leave your thoughts below on how Netmarble should implement it.



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