New Uncharted 4 single-player gameplay looks great

It’s finally time to get a good look at Unchrated 4, no holds barred. If you are thinking of buying Uncharted 4 but are yet to pre-order this is when you may make that decision.

Naughty Dog has now given the go ahead for Uncharted 4 gameplay to be published online for public consumption.

As far as we’re aware, a recent event was held offering YouTubers the chance to record actual gameplay from the single-player mode which everyone is obviously waiting to see.


We can now give you an example of this with a near 20 minute Uncharted 4 gameplay clip courtesy of the GameRiot YouTube channel.

We’ve all seen how good Uncharted 4 looks at trade events and obviously multiplayer with the recent beta. Now you can see what single-player looks like up close and decide if this is going to be one of the likely 2016 GOTY.

Enjoy the footage and give us your reaction below – do you think Naughty Dog has created something special once again, or will your money go towards Quantum Break instead?



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