New Netflix scam on Facebook is the worst yet

Another week, another piece of important news we have to share with regards to a new Netflix scam on Facebook for April 2016 that users need to be aware of.

It has come to our attention that two main phishing attempts have been sent out recently by hackers in a new wave of email scams that some of you may have already received – or are about to.

We have a screenshot of both to show you now, so you can get a heads-up on this and not fall for the same trap as many users already have.


The first is a very authentic looking email from Netflix which tells users that their account has been put on hold due to unsuccessful attempts to ‘verify your Netflix identify’.

Upon clicking the Red button in the image above you’ll then be asked to give out your personal account information, which attackers can then use to steal money from your account.

The second looks more dangerous and is in relation to an apparent Netflix ‘Subscription Payment Failure’. Once again it looks very genuine and even includes digits from your credit card which may scare you.


You are asked to ‘Validate your Account’ but doing so will again give your personal details to criminals so never do this.

Don’t forget that you can always log into your account and contact Netflix from there to double check your account if you are worried that you have been targeted.

Have you seen any emails with either of the two images here? Let us know by leaving a comment here and let’s help to spread awareness of this growing problem.



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