PS4 3.50 firmware update countdown after rumor

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2016

Sony has been taking their time with the public release of PS4 firmware update 3.50 after initially announcing a beta weeks ago.

Now we can see that there is considerable speculation floating around at the moment, suggesting that PS4 update 3.50 could be out next Tuesday, April 5.

Obviously we can’t take it as confirmation yet until Sony states otherwise but it does seem like the time to launch after significant beta testing.


We have a feeling that Monday could be the day when Sony gives out the information, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and give you a heads-up as soon as we know more.

Do you agree that it feels like a long time waiting for this PS4 3.50 system update to arrive? Remember that you can recap everything we know so far in terms of new features here.

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  • Daniel Porter

    This is a joke no release date still omg hurry up

  • Fixinit1

    So hyped actually. I want that remote play feature so much as my girl friend likes to use my only tv when I want to play games so this can solve that problem.

  • Daniel Porter

    there still no release date as its taking so long to bring it out the messages needs fixing allways saying yesterday and when people send you a picture does note you as a message at all

  • Unknown

    Nobody cares about folders or external HDD, how many games do you have installed 100?. And that dang Stupid remote play to Mac is stupid like if everyone has Mac. All the features they adding are unless stuff that nobody cares about, sharing events or party notifications this update is a JOKE. Was hoping better features, Sony doesn’t listen to what the ps community wants. Like really who’s gonna use sharing events or party notifications honestly.

    • ps4 tester

      there adding it so you can see when people go online you can appear offline so if you want to left the bleep along while watching psvue or hulu or etc. daliymotion streaming and more oh remote play to pc not mac i know cause have the beta on my system

      • Tim

        What do you mean. You can’t even get the remote play feature on the beta.

        • Kendall Beister

          Not the current beta, but earlier 3.50 betas could.

        • Tim

          But Sony stated that the feature won’t be available in the beta

  • Guest

    All they had to do was just add folders and external HDD, and it would have had almost everything the system needs. Custom dynamic themes and backgrounds would be nice too. Actually there are a few more things I would like to see, like a trophy tracker (like the X1), auto syncing of trophies and smaller saves as right now most saves are 10.50MB with a few at 3.15MB. Also the ability to select restart, turn off or sleep by simply pressing left or right on the power options

  • Rob Munchy

    xbox one is a terrible system considering the ps4 outputs full hd and the xbox one cant do that to the fullest extent.

  • Rob Munchy

    Remote play to the PC and Mac that is a great feature. Remote play on the psvita was terrible and from what i heard there wasnt much better with the psvita tv. the update to ps store if it looks like what leaked will be great.

  • Daniel evans

    I do feel its taken a long time tbh but i still cant wait. I seem to be looking forward to the new ps store more than the features that are included though.

    • cd

      i completely agree Daniel if sony would focus more on the software and os updates like MS with xb1 instead of the stupid ps4.5 console with upped specs it probably wouldnt take forever sony needs to concentrate on more games and os updates instead of new hardware which is BS for us who already have a ps4 and if sony makes to where we cant play the new games for the ps4.5 on our console i’d be pissed as well as 35m+ ppl i could care less about 4k im satisfied with the ps4 hardware as is and 1080p looks pretty damn good to me i only see minor differences between 4k and 1080p whereas 480i/480p to 1080p i saw a major difference at first glance, vr is good and all but im not interested in it myself but instead of the ps4.5 or whatever sony should focus more on software and i think thats the reason for the long wait, ps4 still has a lot of potential, games over graphics anyday, i guess sony is trying to compete with pcs with the ps4.5 but they will be fighting a losing battle pcs will always have the edge, sry but the ps4.5 bs is making me mad if sony is gonna do what i think they’ll do hopefully im wrong but we’ll see.

      • Daniel evans

        I agree with you about the ps4.5 and at this point I’m really hoping the rumours are exactly that, just rumours. I do find it hard to believe they would release a more powerful console so soon.
        I think they would create too many problems if they do but lets say they do, id still be happy as long as I can still play every game on my current ps4. if they make games exclusive to this ps4.5 then I agree that would annoy far too many people