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Snapchat update introduces Chat 2.0

Snapchat Version is now ready for download for iOS devices, and this new update introduces Chat 2.0. The Snapchat team have said that they are looking at ways in which to change how users communicate with friends, and this feature promises to do just that.

It was a couple of years ago when Snapchat allowed for face-to-face conversation, and now the latest feature has gone back to basics in terms of 1-to-1 chat, as they felt they lost sense of their roots.

One of the few features as part of Chat 2.0 is voice and video calling plus stickers. That is not all, as the way you watch Stories has also seen an update.

Snapchat now features Chat 2.0

You will notice the difference when you send a friend a few chats because once they show up you can start to talk or video chat instantly with just one tap. You friend can then listen and even sing along if they wish to.

SnapchatStickers is another new feature, and will come with more than 200 stickers at the start, although we presume these will increase in numbers with future updates.

Auto-Advanced Stories is another new feature because it’s a very quick way to catch up with friends. This is easy because once you finish a Story, the next one will start automatically, all you then need to do is swipe to skip ahead or pull down to exit.

Update to the latest version now and let us know what you think of the changes.



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