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Immediate Instagram update demanded

The recent Instagram update earlier this week is still causing an uproar from users, not only because of the Notification concerns, but also for a log out issue. Users are learning that after they have updated to the latest version of Instagram they are no longer able to log out, or even sign-in with multiple accounts.

We can see why this would be a big issue, especially for those of you that have more than one Instagram account. It’s for this reason why people have been looking how to log out of Instagram after the late March update.

So there is no longer a log out button, but fear not because there are a couple of ways for you to still sign outalthough these are still considered to be time consuming considering how easy it used to be.

Instagram April update

One way is to head to on your mobile or desktop, click on the Profile icon and next to your username select edit profile and click on the three dots. You will then see a log out button there. Ok, so this is a longer process, and not ideal for those with the app.

The other way is to simply delete the Instagram app and reinstall it, which means you will be asked to login again. This is also frustrating, and so Instagram needs to get their act together and sort this issue out.



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