Dele Alli earns gold upgrade for FIFA 16 TOTW 29

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2016

Tottenham Hotspur fans are going to be in dream land at the moment, as EA has just decided to give Dele Alli a huge upgrade to a gold quality card for FIFA 16 TOTW 29.

This is a massive deal as previously Alli initially had a 67 rating when FIFA 16 launched – a silver card. Now he has gone all the way up to a gold 77, with 74 for shooting, 73 for pace and 77 for dribbling.

You can check out Dele Alli’s TOTW 29 in-form card below featuring his main stats, it’s a thing of beauty.


Alli was a star performer in a recent international match against Germany, which is why EA has decided to give him this huge upgrade.

Don’t forget it’s already on top of a general upgrade in the Winter, so it only gets better if you have a Spurs team on FUT.

What is your reaction to this new card – price predictions for the transfer market?

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