Hyundai’s own VW camper with inspired design

Hyundai knows how popular the camper van is, or more so the one that Volkswagen makes. This model has been popular for many years, and still seems to be one of the most popular of this vehicle types out there for its size, and style. Having said that, the VW camper does look more like a van than the stylish icon that it once was all those years ago.

Going back to the news report, and it looks as though Hyundai wants to develop their very own camper van, but with an inspired design from the VW camper, and also Tesla.

So what do we mean by an inspired design? When looking at the patent drawings you can clearly see that there is to be a gulping and a sliding door on the passenger side, and so will give you the option to either lift the door or slide it, and so could make things fun when out camping.

Hyundai camper van

We can see why Hyundai would want to offer both these forms of door opening, as the gullwing would allow for increased cover, although would be an issue if you are parked too close to another vehicle, and so that is where the sliding door facility would be the better option.

Camping was popular many years ago, but people did start to go off it. However, with people now able to stay fully connected while on a camping holiday, it’s started to become popular once again, and so Hyundai wants to take advantage of that.

While camping has evolved over the years, we are not certain if there is a need for sliding and gullwing doors on a camper van, but what do you think?



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