Instagram notifications update debated by users

By Alan Ng - Mar 28, 2016

Instagram users are now finding out today about a new Instagram update for March 2016, which could significantly change the way you use Instagram on desktop.

Specifically, you have probably already found out by now due to the severe flooding on your news feed and on Twitter, that you now need to turn on Instagram notifications in order to see particular images and updates.

If you don’t already know how to turn on Instagram Notifications, simply do this in the top right section of your page or alternatively follow Instagram’s official instructions below – note, this is for mobile however but same method applies.


At the same time, other users are getting annoyed by the same image turning up everywhere which we’ve added below – some say it is ruining their Instagram experience at the moment, what do you think about this?


Do you like this change that Instagram has made for the new update or not? Some say that Instagram is basically copying Facebook – is this a bad thing in your opinion?

Share you thoughts on the new Instagram update below.

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  • Jennifer Helen Barnett

    Twitter said that it was doing something similar and nothing has changed

  • Benjamin Orr

    I run a comic battle account, and we just ended our account becuase our voting mechanism just got screwed over.

  • Alan

    Is it really as bad as some are making out?

    • cruzer


    • branimal

      yes. I can’t stand the fb method where it always reverts back to “what it thinks I want to see” instead of newest first.
      If I didn’t want to see someone’s pics, I wouldn’t have followed them.