Dark Souls 3 problems on Xbox One Vs PS4

By Alan Ng - Mar 28, 2016

If you are thinking of buying Dark Souls 3 on Xbox One next month, you may want to be aware of the early differences for Dark Souls Xbox One Vs PS4 that have been spotted for those who have already picked up the Japanese version.

For instance, the Digital Foundry team have already acquired the Japanese version and have confirmed that Dark Souls 3 on Xbox One is only 900p.

This means that it’s another game that has to be upscaled to 1080p, unlike the PS4 version which will run 1080p natively.


In the report, there is also mention of framerate drops below the targeted 30FPS on the Xbox One version, although Digital Foundry has said that this may turn out to be a problem on PS4 as well.

Dark Souls 3 is due out April 12 worldwide, so does the news on a lower resolution and framerate issues persusade you to pick up a PS4 or PC copy instead?

If you are already playing Dark Souls 3 early, let us know if you have encountered any problems below.

Do you find it embarrassing that games still cannot hit 1080p natively without fail?

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  • 32-44-33-34-24

    You’d think that Xbox users wouldn’t be so insecure that any comparisons between Microsoft n Sony instantly sends them on the offensive to defend them. Unless it’s completely untrue about needing to upscale/not running 1080p natively what’s the problem? I swear XB users are the DC comics fans of gaming.

  • Fweds

    I find it embarrassing that YOU have even bothered with this article, firstly how is 900p upscale to 1080p a problem ? It’s not just as it’s not when the PS4 games run at 900p but as usual this nonsense is what you and the others decide to use as the headline.

    As for FPS, Eurogamer decided to do a faceoff (using the Japenese version) despite the warning by “Bandai Namco” that the game wasn’t complete and a day one patch promises further optimization for the Western release.

    These fanboys type headlines are a joke nothing more.

  • marhorn

    You mean like uncharted on PlayStation? Stop your warmongering!