CSGO March 28 update notes with ESEA problems

There has just been a new CSGO update on March 28 2016, but at the time of writing it appears to be something of a mystery as to what the new CSGO 3.7MB update has changed in the game.

What we can tell you though, is that this update specifically is causing a problem as a knock-on effect with the CSGO ESEA servers down at the same time.

This has been confirmed over at Reddit by players who all say that they couldn’t start the ESEA game after this update, so we are waiting on Valve to let everyone know.


Once Valve posts the CSGO March 28 patch notes, you will be able to find them here at the usual place.

We suspect it won’t take long for Valve to share the information, but for now tell us what you notice new in the game if you have just installed.

Can you confirm that you are also having problems with ESEA right now?



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