PS4 4K console Vs Xbox One, PC graphics expectation

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2016

There is a big rumor going round right now, suggesting that Sony may have secret plans to launch a new PS4 4K console. This console could have the ability to output games at 4K resolution, meaning that PS4 users may get to play their games at 4096×2160 pixels as opposed to the current standard of 1920×1080 pixels.

The rumor started here in this Kotaku article and has now gained another credible source with Digital Foundry also stating that this console is real and in development as we speak according to their information.

Furthermore, this console could come to market as the ‘PS4K’ and will offer games in Ultra HD but not at a native 4K resolution – according to Digital Foundry, which means that it could actually imply a resolution 3840 pixels × 2160.

With the new console, Sony is thought to be able to offer more GPU power to developers which could give it a distinct advantage over Xbox One.


Then again we have seen in the past that Microsoft don’t like to be left behind, so could we be at a stage when we get to see 4K capable consoles by the end of 2017?

It will be very interesting to see what happens, especially if you are a PC gamer reading this who now may be tempted to make the jump to console with better graphics available.

We highly recommend you take a look at the Digital Foundry report for more technical insight, but as a gamer reading this – would you buy a 4K PS4 console?

Should Xbox One and PC gamers be worried about Sony’s plans?

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  • 4K tv-set also is needed…

  • lac61087

    It won’t be a 4k gaming console, unless Sony is asking 800 quid for it, at the minimum. It will be a slimmer version of the current console with a slighter beefier GPU and CPU for 1080p 60fps gaming what this generation should have been from the start, all speculation of course….just like this article

    • Paul

      It definitely wont be true 4k, the cost would go through the roof for that, it might be upscale but that won’t be nowhere near as good, it would be like DVD being upscaled to 1080p and then seeing a movie that’s really 1080p like bluray, bluray is much better.

      What I think they could do is 1080p 60fps with better graphics, that should be doable without it affecting the cost much if at all, more so because by then, the new microns will be out on PC which will be far better then we have now so it’s likely they’ll use a cut down version of those.

      • lac61087

        i can go with that, makes a lot of sense

        • Paul

          If this happens, it’s likely to be mid to late next year, by then the new microns should be out for awhile and be decent price.

      • SpaceJockey

        How did you get that? I can build a 4K PC for just a little more than a PS4 costs now. I’d say it will be $100 more than a normal ps4 witch is ,let’s be honest, peanuts.. Just like I said above

        • Paul

          $100 more will not be enough for true 4k, I’ve seen enough of how consoles work to know developers won’t target 4k even if they had the option, they’ll settle for 1080p and ramp up the graphics a lot, the performance hit is just too big of a hit for now, even high end PC’s have a hard time at 4k.

          So they have a few options, upscale which is doable but isn’t as good as true 4k, 1080p 60fps with better graphics than what’s on the PS4 now, this one seems the likely option because with the nww microns coming out, they could do this without it really adding much to the cost so they could release it at the same price the PS4 was on release.

          I think the real problem is how they do it then if they do it, buying a new console would make the PC look a lot more attractive, if they really are going this upgrade route then they should make consoles more modular so they can be easierly upgraded, they should be able to do it where it’s a lot easier than even the PC is to do.

          Building a PC for 4k, we’re talking a minimum of $1000 if we want to run the latest games with high graphic settings and to me even that’s not enough, more like $1500+

          I suspect they will double the performance of the PS4.5 to give it enough kick to keep up with the PC and be much more suitable for VR, VR is likely the main reason for them wanting to do it because the PS4 doesn’t really cut it which if I was a PS4 user, I would think twice about getting the PSVR unless I was planning to get the PS4.5 because most games could target that when it comes to VR which would make the PC option look quite an attractive deal.

        • SpaceJockey

          No one can sauce hardware like Sony or MS for that matter. Guaranteed this 4K console thing will happen. Of course $450 is enough. Obv you’re not buying a new tower or anything like that. I could probably do it for less. I already have a 4K tv so thats not an issue.
          And that’s not taking into account it’s all but confirmed. Pretty much every one already know it will be out in 2017 and will be confirmed at E3 In all likelihood. I’m pretty much 95% this will happen peons higher if you think about the
          Patents MS and Sony have been filing over the last few month.

        • Paul

          I don’t think you realise how much more demanding 4k really is, don’t look at what we see on the PC, for the most part they are mostly 1080p games running at 4k, 4k is a lot more demanding than 1080p, this year or next year it’s unlikely to be done cheap enough.

          What many console gamers want is a smooth 60fps and that’s doable without breaking the bank thanks to the new microns later this year, 4k is still around 2 or 3 years from being mainstream on PC and the PC is where it’s going to start before anywhere else and let’s say they do manage to get 4k working on the console, developers won’t use it, they’ll likely stick to 1080p because they’ll be able to ramp up the graphics a lot making 1080p games look much better than 4k one.

          Realistically we need around 1 and a half GTX 980 TI or two of them at the price of around $100 to $200 to really be able to do 4k with better graphics then we have today on consoles which gamers will expect, just graphic card hardware alone will cost around $1000 and let’s not get onto the cpu they’ll need a beefier one of those too for 4k.

          Simply put, we’re talking around 2020 before consoles can do 4k with the graphics gamers expect and not really cut down graphics, the size, the heat, the price of the hardware is just too much for now, now if we get say triple the performance increase on these new graphics cards coming out later this year on PC with new micron then there might be hope, but realistically, we might get around 70% increase in performance of the best we’ve got on PC single cards and that will likely be top end price and even that’s pushing it, nowhere near enough to do it for consoles.

        • SpaceJockey

          Good points but take into account consoles a far more efficient than a PC and it would take way less to get a console to a point where 4K is possible. Purpose built machines that “write to metal” is a far more efficient set up. Plus it’s probably nessasary for Sony at leas with pPSVR on the horizon. With all the evidence pointing at 4K console it would be difficult for me to be convinced otherwise.

        • Paul

          That used to be the case in the past but the PC really closed the gap on efficiency with consoles over the last few years and DirectX 12 and Vulcan will likely bring it almost neck and neck with consoles, I’ve seen enough on Eurogamer over the last two years where hardware only a bit more powerfully than the PS4 competing with it, not bad considering that was with DX11, with DX12 and Vulcan, the gap could be so small that it won’t even matter once games are designed from the ground up for them, none are at the moment.

          4k on consoles we are likely talking around 2020, this mid upgrade won’t cut it, 4k is 4 times the amount of pixels and not far of 4x more power needed, for true 4k that is, that is well out of reach of consoles without bumping up the price a lot.

          On PC it’s doable now if we throw money at it but about 2 years off before it becomes more mainstream on PC and this all depends how much of a leap forward these new gpu’s are from AMD and Nvidia, the new microns should help them a lot.

          Like I said before, I suspect they will target 1080p 60fps with better graphics then they can do now and VR, that should be achievable without bumping up the price over the PS4 at release and without having any problems with heat and size of the hardware, given the choice, I think most console gamers want 60fps over 4k, would be nice to have both but that’s a few years off.

        • SpaceJockey

          It what they’re saying is true these consoles would obviously be 60fps or higher at 4K, the PSVR has to run at 60fps they’ve already said that so I think it’s safe to assume. I’m no stranger to PC gaming my self even though right now mine is in serious need of an up-grade. But they won’t be paying wjat I am for my hardware. Have you seen how much it costs them to make a console? Its not the the PS3 days when they were spending $800 to make a PS3 and selling it for $500 hoping to make up the loss on game sales etc.. They could upgrade both in a big way and still be turning a profit.
          Just think what they could do with an extra $100 buying in the volumes at the discounts they get. Of course it’s possible. I honk it’s safe to say until we know otherwise they the rumours are probably true or at least have some truth to them. Especially considering the sheer amount of different places they’re coming from. It won’t be long till we know for sure.

        • Paul

          I think it’s safe to say that VR is the real reason for this upgrade, Sony as well as Microsoft got caught flat footed with the release timing of these consoles and in Sony’s case, they are worried about the PC having a few years head start over consoles.

          I think it’s unlikely VR games will look as good as none VR games on consoles which many console gamers seem to think they will, that’s unlikely even on PC you’ll need higher end rigs to do VR with a lot of the graphic settings turned up.

          I remember thinking at the time of release of the PS4, if only they bumped up the price by $100 how much better it could’ve been, that could’ve been enough to bump up the performance of the cpu and gpu and like you said, buying at volume, I think they could of got anywhere from 50% to 100% performance increase over what they got, that would’ve been more respectable.

          I think this problem with this upgrade console is how they do it, if it’s a new console people have to buy then that will make PC’s look a lot more appealing, other option is doing it like PC are done, opening the case and changing hardware but that’s messy and I don’t think that will work with these consoles because they don’t seem to be designed with that in mind, another option could be add on modules like consoles in the past did, the second option would be the best but it means we’ll likely need to buy a new console because of them needing to redesign it, from then on, it could be upgradable like PC but much easier because of the limited choice in hardware upgrade options they’ll give, there also shouldn’t be any setting up, so plug in and play.

        • SpaceJockey

          That goes without saying. It takes more to out put a game one VR and the same goes for PC. Pc and consoles are pretty clcool se look at batman, just cause, watchdogs, etc all look and performed better on console. In this day and age it’s more about optimisations rather than power although more power helps but the sheer amount of different PC builds makes things really difficult for devs to optimise games to run well on PC across the board. Consoles never have this problem and let’s not confuse graphics for resolution. Resolution is only a small part of the bigger picture so it actually wouldn’t take much more to push it up to 4K it’s twice the resolution but wouldn’t take twice the power to hit it.

        • Paul

          Don’t know about Batman but Just Cause and and Watchdog plays fine on PC but didn’t on release, does now thought.

          Honestly, I don’t think the hardware is good enough to do VR justices not even on PC, Nvidia says we need about 7 times more power then we have, don’t think we need that much more but around 3 GTX 980 TI cards should do, in any event, there’s too much hype around VR and I think it’s a good idea to wait for the second or third revision of the headsets, by then it should be much better and hardware should be more ready for it.

          Idealy more power and better optimisations would be best.

          Doing 4k, true 4k and not upscale is a lot more demanding than what you say, we’re talking 4x the amount of pixels that need rendering, even the most powerful hardware on PC is having a hard time with it unless you cut down graphical settings and play at lower frame rates.

          Also 4k needs a lot more graphical memory and bandwidth, 8GB on consoles might not be enough considering it’s shared between the cpu and gpu as well as a big chunk of it being reserved for the OS, unless the console is at least $500 and say late next year, I can’t see 4k being a possibility apart from with games that are light on the hardware.

          1080p 60fps is what they’ll aim for with maybe the option of 4k upscale, to me this upgrade is more about VR then it is about giving the PS4 more power.

        • SpaceJockey

          True bit VR has got to start somewhere. I’m glad it’s now. 4x the amount of pixels won’t take twice as much power through. 4K is just video in 4K. sure most game for now will just be upscaled from 1080 or what ever. But that’s the same on PC as you said. Hey $500 isn’t a bad price I’m thinking closer to $450. And that’s only what £360? Not bad,
          It wasn’t the devs who fixed watchdogs though it was an indi mod. Batman never got a fix and was taken down and refunded and just cause was the only one out of the 3 to actually be fixed by the devs. I can’t say battlefield because that was a disaster right across the board.

        • Paul

          I’ve read up a few reviews on VR and it looks very promising, at least on PC, in 10 years time it could be the main way we play games but for now, I think I’ll wait 2 or 3 years so they can refine it better.

          Most games on PC are not true 4k, just mostly upscaled, having 4k textures for the graphics will eat up the memory, in other words, true 4k games would be more demanding than what we are seeing on PC now at 4k, to me if you really want true 4k on PC then you need 2 high end gpu’s working together.

          In simple terms, look at the size of a DVD and Blu Ray movie, Blu Ray is many times bigger, now imagine 4k, the memory for textures will sky rocket as well as the hardware demand, for 4k on consoles, there will need a major boost to the gpu, a boost to the cpu and likely a boost to memory, capacity and speed, now I suspect they could double the gpu and and boost the cpu speeds without it impacting the price much on consoles, but they’ll need more then that for real 4k.

          I’m only interested in 4k when we start getting real 4k and not upscaled.

          I saw Watch Dogs a few months ago at my brothers house and it worked fine without any modding, Batman can be fixed but only at 30fps which isn’t really that good, Just Cause 3 ran like a dream on my brothers PC when I saw it a few weeks ago.

          When it comes to buying games, it’s always best to wait a few months so they fix whatever problems they have, too many broken games on release, even on consoles, all thanks to the internet given them the option to release now fix later, never had that problem when consoles didn’t have internet access, rarely even had that problem on PC until then.

        • SpaceJockey

          Did they re launch batman on PC? I thought it was removed from steam on a permanent basis.
          From what you hear eve valkyrie is running pretty much the same on PSVR as it is on PC.. That’s the rumours anyway. Iv seen some footage from the OR version and it’s looking pretty demandin so I that’s anything to go off I think we’ll be okay.

        • Paul

          Don’t think they did, but I do know the ones that bought the game still have it as my brother bought it awhile ago.

          Eve Valkyrie isn’t really that demanding, I think the real problem will be with games that are pushing the PS4 without VR and trying to get that working with VR without cutting it down too much, as we know, that’s not really a problem on the PC or mobile for that matter and it’s probably the main reason for all this talk of PS4.5, I suspect any game that’s VR will be more demanding than none VR games on PC and consoles.

          On PC they can make games like they always do but with VR you throw more hardware power at it, on consoles it’s more tricky because they want to push the consoles to the max without VR it leaves little room to maneuver when it comes to VR, it wouldn’t surprise me if the PS4.5 is for VR and most games will target that when it comes to VR which if that is the case, it will likely make the PC a lot more appealing on that.

          In any case I don’t think it matters, I’m not jumping in with VR just yet, I’ll wait a few years, it shows a lot of promise but the tech needs refining and more computing power would help, in 10 years time, VR could be the best way to play games.

        • SpaceJockey

          Eve is probably the most demanding VR game that we’ve seen to date and in regard to throwing more hardware at a PC this is where consoles have definite advantages VR made for PSVR will work on all PSVRs as its a “static target” it’s going to be a nightmare trying to play VR on PC with constantly shifting limits to hardware and never being able to target a specific build. Its already a nightmare for developers never mind consumers without throwing the whole VR thing in. I think the consoles are doing a sterling job and churning out some epic looking games with a pretty solid service as a whole. If they can carry that over into VR I’ll be happy. only time will tell. But that’s a whole different argument.

        • Paul

          It might be one of the more demanding VR games but the game itself is not really that demanding, many other games that push the console hardware will have problems with VR on consoles unless they start to cut back on the graphics.

          If all these rumors are true about this PS4.5, I’ll put money on it now, most VR games will target that and leave the PS4 in the cold, just like the PC, Sony looks like they are throwing hardware at it probably because they realise the PS4 doesn’t really cut it but they can’t afford to give the PC a few years head start with VR, because of the console cycle, it looks like they’ve been caught flat footed and are rushing out another console to compete which is why the PC got a major advantage.

          It’s not really a nightmare for developers as it is for games so it’s not going to change much with VR on PC apart from I suspect a lot will target higher end hardware.

          Truth is, these console are too underpowered and VR is showing a big weakness in that, most console gamers was expecting a solid 1080p 60fps for at least a few years in the console cycle, as we know that didn’t happen.

          With VR it’s even worse, games will have to target a higher frame rate with them because of head motion, a bit like a mouse which is a lot faster then a gamepad, why do you think you don’t get mouse options on games on consoles?, because 30fps is really bad for it, I’ve tried it on PC and it’s just not fast enough, VR you need higher than 60fps and no tricks on consoles are likely to get around that one, ideally, 4k per eye at 120fps would be good but that would be difficult even on PC.

        • SpaceJockey

          Ok name a VR game that’s more demanding than eve. There isn’t one. Lol well you’re the only one saying 60 fps isn’t fast enough. From what you’ve been daying it doesn’t seem that you know much about the subject at all and it seems more like you don’t want it to work rather than you don’t think it will work. 60gps is enough, valve say it is don’t say it is they’re the experts so let’s say they’re right and put that one to bed. Ultimately as predicted. PC won’t have the games and the ps4/PSVR will continue with the best tailer made exclusive titles. I mean the best looking game in the market right now is uncharted 3 without a single doubt. If you dissagree show me some better looking screens. So if PC is so much better how come in 5 years they haven’t made a game that can run on PC and look even half as good as uncharted 3 @30fps @720p all that extra power counts for absolutely nothing because at the end of the day it’s all down to how good the devs are .fact.

        • Paul

          Eve isn’t that demanding, and that’s assuming they don’t cut the graphics down a lot on console, when it comes to VR, high frame rates is a must.

          60fps isn’t enough because of the fast motion of head movement, I’ve tried all 3, lower frames gives more of a headache even though they all do but it’s really bad when it’s lower.

          You say PC wont have the games, a bold statement considering that most games that can be VR likely will be on PC either officially or by mods, same can’t be said on consoles, also, any game that’s VR on console will very likely be VR on PC as well

          Ah another one of those uncharted 3 hype trains, you would think that only one or two games get released on consoles the way they hype those few up, All we’ve seen is what they want us to see, console games have a habit of going more lininger when they want to ramp up the graphics, I remember that from Mass Effect 1 to two, two looked better but it didn’t have the exploring bit of the buggy and the Citadel was much smaller, it’s what they call magic sauce lol.

          Also, no game on console is even better looking then PC games unless it’s been made that way, you should know better to not believing in the hype train, they lie over and over again to console gamers to make a game look good and when it’s released, it’s been trimmed down quite a lot, it’s happened a few times already, Watchdog being the obvious one but there’s been many more, games running at 30fps on PC is easy work, many run at 4k at that frame rate, I would be impressed with the PS4 if it could run Crysis 3 at 60fps at max settings.

        • SpaceJockey

          Oh and ps4.5 is going to be $399 so you were wrong about that too, Jesus you’ve been wrong about everything so far lol. A few weeks ago you were saying it wasn’t even going to happen.

        • Paul

          Huh lol, I said it wasn’t going to happen on PS4 which I think is the case, VR is for PS4.5 but don’t can’t say that because they want to keep the hype train going, we don’t know what the PS4.5 will cost but I suspect it will cost about the same as the PS4 on release.

    • SpaceJockey

      How did you get that? I can build a 4K PC for just a little more than a PS4 costs now. I’d say it will be $100 more than a normal ps4 witch is ,let’s be honest, peanuts..

  • Sloth

    I am just waiting for Sony to release some games… Greatness really does await… and continues to.

    • lac61087

      Greatness has been missing for both Microsoft and Sony this gen, that may change when Quantum Break and Uncharted 4 get here

      • Paul

        How true, with 10x more power I was expecting a lot more but really all we are getting is cut down version of PC games that they was getting before the PS4 and Xbox One, many like to claim graphics will get better with magic sauce, but that’s doesn’t seem to be happening, two and a half years in and graphics don’t look much better in games then when the consoles were released and unlikely will change that much thanks to the x86 architecture.

        Many developers have already said they are more or less maxing out the power of the consoles, there could be some truth in that, I suspect that consoles will still get optimisations but more in line with how we get them on PC, in other words, don’t expect leaps and bounds of graphical increased just smaller ones and this is mostly thanks to developers already knowing how to use x86 thanks to the PC.

  • Isaac

    Xbox 360 really Xbox one is the current gen u prolly did it on purpose