Clocks change this weekend one hour on Sunday, March 27

You might be wondering when the clocks go forward and change one hour this weekend, as such we want to let our readers know the exact time and hopefully your gadgets will change time accordingly without any bugs or problems.

The clocks will change and go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday, March 27 – if you want to know the time, then this is all the information you need. You will lose an hour, but gain more hours of daylight in the process ready for the summer days when you’ll certainly want to be outside more.

The good news is that this is an Easter weekend, so you will most likely be off work and not having to worry about being late for any reason on Monday.


Will my phone change automatically? Alarms should go off at the set time and smartphones should change due to most time bugs being fixed. There’s the possibility of such features being turned off and set to manual time, I’ve personally done this in the past. Look here to learn about making sure an iPhone is set to change time automatically.

The saying, “spring forward, fall back” is a good way to remember. In a nutshell, British Summer Time (BST) is changed once on the last Sunday in March and again in October for GMT.



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