Petition for Thorpe Park 12p ticket error

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2016

Following on from the sale of 12p Thorpe Park tickets earlier today, we can see that there has been a huge uproar from consumers who are angry with Thorpe Park 12p tickets going on sale before 10am as initially advertised.

We have been covering this event all week on PR and when the time actually came, Thorpe Park managed to infuriate consumers even more. As a result, we can see that a Thorpe Park petition has now been set up with demands for the company to compensate for the earlier sale time which caught thousands off guard.

You can see an example of the petition below, which has already managed to attract over 100 signatures within a few hours of being set up.


With over 1800 12p tickets sold within a minute, you can understand the frustration when consumers were expecting the sale to start exactly as advertised beforehand to give everyone a fair chance of trying to win one.

This didn’t happen though and we can now see that Thorpe Park has a difficult job on their hands trying to rectify the situation.

Were you caught up in the Thorpe Park website problems with the 12p tickets going live earlier than advertised? Give us your thoughts below and we’ll update this article with a statement from Thorpe Park as we get it.

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  • Claire Baker

    I logged on at 9.50 and tried until 10.02 and got told all sold out. . It’s disgusting. Specially when the people who have bought them are now trying to sell them on ebay for £150.00 for 4 tickets. They should have been made non transferable with a name printed on them to stop selfish greedy people doing this. Thorpe Park need to do something about this.

  • Ellen

    We had three devices all ready to go we tried before 10 and didn’t work when we all tried two of us said the code was incorrect and one got through to entering email and then sold out and then the other two were all sold out. It said 10 and 10 it should have been alot of hassle for nothing very annoyed.

  • Gemma

    My code didnt work atal was saying wrong code not fair on others

  • Joanne

    Was refreshing the page constantly from 9.55am and finally got to the page where I had to put the code in etc and then sold out at 9.58. Such a con putting them up for sale before the specified 10am time.
    I think Thorpe Park should offer discounted tickets to all who entered their email before 10am.

  • Kelly

    Absoloutly disgusted tried to book my tickets at9.57 was so excited up early to so I knew I was all set up and ready to go then came up that all tickets now sold out! Defiently disappointed!!!

  • Michelle Campbell

    I logged on at 9:58…entered code and details smoothly then got told all sold out! Not on at all….if they advertise at 10am…it SHOULD BE 10AM!

  • Lindsay Brown

    Yes I tried at 9.56 when u poped up to pop code in. Said sold out. So think it went live more than 1 min 20 seconds.. not happy. Not fair. I think thrope park shud offer so sort of offer to all people tajt put their code in and details on time and honur the price or a special dicount.

  • Andy fleming

    I got through smooth thinking I was lucky dead on 10am. Only to be told after entering my details they had all gone.

  • Karon Laing

    I was on site from 9.30 and refreshed continually when eventually able to enter code told sold out so how can general public be given tickets. Looks like only certain people given access.

  • Amanda Evelyn Coppock

    Was ready on the website at 9:58am, signed thorough around 9:59am to it then crashing. Signed back in at 10am said sold out. Joke & a waste of time- very poorly organised & faulsly advertised!

  • natalie

    Really unfair I tried 5 times from 9.55 jus to get told they add sold out I think its distgusting they went up well before the time they was due t go on sale

  • Tasha Jayne

    Completely unfair I tried about 4 times and when I eventually got thru at 10.02 they had been sold I understand there will be high demand but with people getting them at half 9 when they are a meant to go on sale at 10 is a joke false advertising

  • Katie Massingham

    I went in it at 09. 56 am and it was up for me to put the code in so i went ahead with it and already they was sold out completely unfair to everyone

  • Julie Williamson

    Unfair and waste of time just like the digger land tickets…. I tried 3 times 2 times no messages 3rd time sorry sold out…and it wasn’t,t 10 am good luck to all who did get them but I often wonder if it is a targeting ploy with these competitions and offers…..