Fallout 4 Xbox One update notes mystery on March 25

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2016

We can see that there has been a new Fallout 4 update on Xbox One today, March 25 2016. It is around 450MB in size but it appears to be a complete mystery on what it actually does.

There has been no Fallout 4 Xbox One update notes for March 25 posted by Bethesda yet and we can see that players are currently looking for answers on what has changed in the game.

Given that it is only 450MB in size, speculation is that it could just be minor bug fixes in the game that don’t require full patch notes.


There’s also talk that it could be some minor tweaks by Bethesda to prepare for the Fallout 4 Surival mode update.

Either of the two are likely, but hopefully we will be able to shed more light on this mystery patch later today.

In the meantime, feel free to leave us a comment below if you have noticed anything different on the Xbox One version of the game.

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  • Sir Mungus

    I found after the update that my comic book stands (the ones that twirl) were wrecked. I got the comics out of them, and then stored the stands in my workshop. When I went to rebuild them again… they were nowhere to be found! Nor were the magazine stands that are like display shelves.

    Fortunately, the bobblehead stand was still intact and available.

    Anyone know why they got rid of the comic book ones? Or has that been tied to some Picket Fences book now?

  • KOAL82

    For the next update please fix the broken night vision you gain from the Night Person perk. It used to work properly but now doesn’t toggle properly without going into the Pip Boy first. Also that flash that occurs from Chameleon armor is pretty annoying. Why not just make it toggle without the bright flash like the Chinese Stealth Armor did in Fallout 3?

  • KOAL82

    One thing I noticed was that they removed an XP exploit from Automatron where repeatedly selecting and switching between the Sentry Ahab’s Helm and another robot head armor would give a small amount of XP while crafting a robot.

  • Justin Bernat

    The latest patch made the frame rate on my game so bad, I can’t even play it because it lags so much

  • MrEsco

    I avoided the patch until I know exactly what it does. I just downloaded automatron and went offline before playing. Havnt noticed any glitches so far. Well except the (punish the child) nonsense… But I just avoid that section of the facility.

    • MrEsco

      I also wish we had the option to roll back patches on console… I had the least trouble with 1.3.

  • Jonathan Moggo

    I probably shouldn’t even be saying this, and I’m not even sure if it’s a glitch or because of something that I obtained in my travels, but ever since I got the automatron DLC and started playing it I have noticed that I can simply aim at any robot and I am given the option to hack it as if I were sneaking behind it. This gives me the ability to hack a robot and either shut it down or self-destruct it from across a large room (or possibly from any distance I haven’t played around with it much outside, only inside). Anyone else experience this?

    • Shrapnal13

      it happens in my game too and its not a glitch, Bethesda originally patched the Robotics expert perk because you couldn’t hack a Robot while in combat so when the patch came out they decided to make it so you could hack from a distance while in combat,

      • Jonathan Moggo

        Oh ok that makes sense. Now that I think about it I had just gotten that perk around the same time that I got the DLC, but I assumed that it would only work if I was sneaking behind a robot. I’m glad they made that adjustment. Thanks for the info!

    • Bori Chernov

      That’s a perk. It’s called robotics expert.

  • Anon

    They fixed the frozen power armor glitch. Thank God

  • HyperSniper445

    One glitch I noticed before the update was that whenever I charged a Gauss Rifle and then aimed in it would get stuck aiming and I had to bash to get out.
    A glitch with the automatrons was that when I dismissed them they wouldn’t leave and just kept following me. I hope the fixed it.

    • doogieschnauzer

      I noticed this problem too, but if you just dismiss them by selecting a new companion you can get around the glitch.

      • HyperSniper445

        Yeah. And it seems that it wasn’t patched in this mysterious update.

  • Marky360

    I got the same patch and afterwards I experienced a new glitch where I couldn’t zoom in reload or shoot my gun. Had to use VATs in order to reset things so Ii could go back to shooting normally. Damn I hate Bethesda and their damn patches for this game they always some how manage to make it worse.

  • Traplord

    it’s to fix the bugs involving the new Automatron update. For example, when naming your automatron and then it would reset the name back to automatron. There’s that and more bug fixes that they had to work on. So I don’t think it has to do with the survival mode just yet since they did say it would be around sometime next month.

  • Matthew David Silva

    When I first started playing fallout 4 cooking things like vegetable starch for adhesive would auto harvest from planted crops. Then it stopped. Is this a glitch or did I just have that much stuff on hand and run out?

    • Alex Kendrick

      Whenever there’s more food than settlers, the spares will go into the workbench, so if you left it for a while a decent sized stockpile could’ve been there.

      • doogieschnauzer

        Yeah this ^ I have to pick all the tato’s I need to craft adhesive even though I have tatos growing at all 31 of my settlements it doesn’t stockpile anymore.

  • Liam McKiness

    They made it so you can’t harvest any crops once they are planted.

    • Liam McKiness

      Adding to the survival factor

  • Lea

    why is the download so god damn slow

    • Louis

      seriously takes 5 minutes to load 10%

      • doogieschnauzer

        Probably because a lot of people are DL at the same time.

    • Ray Cortinas

      Mine only took like 5 minuets to download

      • jeremy3852

        wow what type of connection do you have. mine took like 2 min 2 30 sec tops.

        • Ray Cortinas

          I have the highest mbps time Warner offers I forget how much it is

        • jeremy3852

          ahh, say no more. using pigeons would be faster then time warner.

    • Cross Yuki

      Mine didn’t take that long. Only about a couple of minutes.

    • Marky360

      Mine was pretty quick

  • jigger

    Anyone else notice the absence of settlers? Or the companions just standing there?

    • Ray Cortinas

      Sometimes settlers get reset for a little bit after an update

  • Alex Kendrick

    Glad I’m not the only one lol. Was wondering if it was my console or what…

  • Ike Damnation

    Just hopped into my set of power armor. By that I mean my character turned the valve with one hand and literally hopped into it. I never saw this until now so maybe that is new.

    • Alex Kendrick

      I think that might be the combat animation. It’s meant to make entry/exit to power armor faster for when it needs to be.

      • Ike Damnation

        More than likely. Guess I never noticed it before.

        • Dalton S

          Yeah it’s a faster way to enter your armor when in the heat of combat its been in the ga
          me since day 1

    • Logan swafford

      No its not when your in combat or your sneak meter displays danger you quickly hop into your power armor.