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iMessage, FaceTime issues following OS X 10.11.4 update a coincidence

Users that updated to OS X 10.11.4 have noticed that they started to have issues while trying to login to iMessage and FaceTime, where they were greeted with the message, “Could not sign into iMessage”, which was also the case for FaceTime. There was also the message, “An error occurred during authentication”.

However, from what we have been learning from our readers, this is more of a coincidence that this happened after people updated to the latest version of El Capitan, and it is more than likely an issue with Apple Servers.

Looking on Apple’s System Status page we can still see that there is an issue, and there is no other information being shared. It would seem that Apple does have an issue, and we are not shocked that they have been not very forthcoming as to what the issue is.

iMessage, FaceTime issues following OS X 10.11.4

The good thing is, we have yet to update to the latest version on the iMac currently being used, and so glad of that fact. Having said that, we do have to wonder why this is happening just for some of those users that updated to OS X 10.11.4?

Several users have been trying some of the tried and tested methods to get iMessage and FaceTime to work, such as a clean install, disabling Firewall, but neither of these helped.

It is hard to understand just what is going on, as some people are still having this issue, even after downgrading to OS X 10.11.3.



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