GTA V Deer Cam live stream runs 24/7

A live stream of an AI-controlled Deer running havoc in GTA V has gone viral this week. If you still haven’t seen it, we are here to point you in the direction of how you can watch the GTA V Deer Cam.

The AI Deer is a mod created by Brent Watanabe, who has been programmed to be indestructible and has the ability to teleport to various locations around Los Santos.

The mod is called the San Andreas Deer and so far the live stream below has had over 250,000 views. You’ll be amazed at how many people would just want to sit there for 20 minutes and watch a deer create random moments in a video game.


The good news is that the live stream is running right now. Simply press play and it should load up directly below this article.

We hear that in some memorable moments, the Deer has managed to get a 4-star wanted level with the police and you can only imagine the fun when the deer is indestructible.

Is this what you call entertainment, or do you have better things to do with your time?



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