Get BO3 new Black Market weapons for free

If you haven’t heard, there has been a new BO3 weapons update for the Black Market. Treyarch already inserted some of these weapons into the 1.08 update and now we can confirm that they are live on all platforms.

But we also wanted to let you know that there is a way to unlock new Black Market weapons ‘for free’ – or try before you buy if you like.

This is done in the Custom Matches section of Black Ops 3 and has now become the standard method for testing out rare Supply Drops that some of you will never have the chance of getting with Cryptokeys.


To get the HG 40 SMG, Carver, Interdiction Sniper, Malice and Baseball bat in BO3 free, you just need to set up a private match in Community mode and select one of the pre-set match modes.

These should have already been set up by other players, which will disable all other weapons in private matches expect for the new drops. After that you should make sure that you have bots enabled.

Once you get into the game, simply kill the bots with your fists and they should drop one of the new Black Ops 3 Black Market weapons from the March 22 update.

It’s as simple as that and it has been working for many players since the update went live.

What are your thoughts on the new weapons in BO3 – which is your favorite?



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