PlayStation VR Launch Bundle stock update for US, UK

We have a PlayStation VR stock update for US and UK consumers now, hours after Sony put the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle up for sale online in the US.

VR is on the way and by the initial sales reaction so far, it looks like most of you are ready to welcome it with open arms.

We can confirm that Amazon US has now sold out of its first allocation batch for the Launch Bundle, which was available for $499.99 and included important extras such as the required PlayStation Camera and 2 Move controllers.


Amazon has now said that they will have a second allocation soon and advise customers to sign up to be notified of when stock becomes available.

For those in the UK looking to buy the PlayStation VR online, you’ll have to hold on tight as Sony has still not announced when the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle pre-order date is in the UK.

You can however still buy the standalone unit over at Amazon UK which costs £349.99 – it’s worth mentioning that this is roughly the same price as the Launch Bundle US price, which could be a talking point.

Did you get lucky and have already secured your PlayStation VR headset? We’ll do our best to keep you notified of stock here once allocation is available, but we also want you to leave us a comment on the best prices you have seen elsewhere to help gamers get their order in.



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