The Sims 4 patch notes list for Spring Challenge

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2016

The moment has arrived for The Sims 4 players! A new The Sims 4 patch on March 22 2016 is now live and we can now bring you the official Sims 4 Patch notes for the Spring Challenge in full.

This is a great update for players to enjoy and just to clarify it should be the The Sims 4 PC update and the Sims 4 update for Mac today.

One of the key additions in this release is a growfruit challenge, with Jasmine Holiday requiring players to gather up 20 growfruit to start the fun.


The Sims 4 egg challenge is also back in this update and you can read about that below plus find out all other general changes in the full Sims 4 update notes for March 22 below.




For those that have already installed – how are you finding the new update, worth the wait or not? Have fun with the release and let us know how you get on!

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