Install Kindle update on March 22 manually

If you have missed the March 22 Kindle update deadline, we have a quick heads-up for you on how to update your Kindle manually for Kindle 4th and 5th generation models and all older Kindle models before 2011.

The danger is that if you don’t update your older kindle, you risk losing the ability to connect to the internet so this is essentially a critical and mandatory update.

Inevitably, many of you will have already failed to update and are now looking for information on how to update Kindle manually today – since that is the only option available if you fail to update Kindle via WiFi.


Fortunately, Amazon has already supplied all of the information you need. Above is an example of what Kindle 5th Generation owners need to do to get their 4.1.3 update.

Kindle 4th Generation owners will need to update to the same version, so make sure you head to this link to find all the information you need.

What are your thoughts on this mandatory update, since we see a big talking point on social media on whether Amazon are within their rights to force users to update?

Leave us a comment if you require any help on updating to the latest version on your Amazon Kindle.



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