Black Ops 3 1.08 hidden notes for competitive play

By now most of you will know that there has been a massive new Black Ops 3 update hours ago, with Treyarch dropping BO3 1.08 onto consoles and PC.

What we wanted to tell you though, is that there has been some ‘hidden’ changes not included on the initial patch notes which we covered here.

These extra changes specifically relate to those that consider themselves a ‘competitive’ player and you can see the following new additions that Treyarch has included for you below.


The above screenshot has come direct from Treyarch head David Vonderhaar so you can be assured that they are genuine.

It’s interesting to see that there’s now an added multi-drone option for Uplink in Custom Games, as well as CWL game variants being updated with a 30 second pre-match timer from now on.

Are you a competitive COD player? If so, let us know what else you have spotted in 1.08 that Treyarch didn’t mention.

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