PS Plus April 2016 free games with early confirmation

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2016

It’s that time again when we look forward to a new month of free games for PS Plus subscribers. Next up is the PS Plus April 2016 free games on PS4 and PS3 and we can remind those that don’t know, that one game has already been confirmed.

We also have a heads-up that the PS Plus April 2016 release date will be on April 5, which is the standard release pattern that Sony follows being the first Tuesday of the month.

Without further ado, we know that one of the free games for PlayStation Plus in April 2016 is Dead Star. Confirmation of this can be seen from the message sent by Sony above to a user who recently pre-ordered the game.


Dead Star is going to be an arcade style shooter similar in the mould to Super Stardust which you have loved in the past. There’s going to be tons of customization options for players and we’ve added some Dead Star PS4 gameplay below for you to take a look at the game.

We still don’t know the other PS4 game being offered and it looks like Sony isn’t planning to host a community vote for PS Plus April 2016 this time around.

What do you want to see as the other game – are you happy with Dead Star being free? We’ll update this article once we have more official details, but for now leave your personal wishlist below and let’s see who ends up being right!

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  • KeokeCaffe

    Awesome yet another arcade shooter POS. I am about done with ps4 and about to switch it out for a damn xbox1 cuz at least they give me games i’d PLAY !

  • Mike A. Maluchnik

    Game looks like crap. Man, I wish I still had my PS3 because the stuff coming out on plus for the 4 is garbage. I’d rather pay more for plus to get better games. Maybe they should nave like a bronze, silver, or gold package for the plus. Would make for better options and if ppl don’t like it then they can keep buying the bronze package.

  • Comment Loading

    Did you hear what xbox gold is having? Tthe wolf among us FULL firdt season Dead Space Saintsrow IV and suunset overdrive!!! Wtf is sony doing giving us little “arcade” games

    • KeokeCaffe

      I played Sunset Overdrive and it was one of the most awesome games i’ve played on next gen consoles !

  • psngetinglame

    fing lame

  • fjhillsa8308

    Must agree…. PSPlus has been the biggest waste of money…

  • Jesse Hasten

    Some may say Xbox gives better titles because they are so far behind, I say if Sony has such a great lead why not give great titles, you have the money Sony, so far my Xbox Gold is giving me Great games, I can’t believe people voted Bro Force and some of the other garbage that has been given by Sony. mean time I will be enjoying Sunset Overdrive for free on my Xbox in April !
    True Gamers are fans of all systems, without competition quality of games goes down.

  • wickedsc300

    Looks like I won’t be turning my PS4 on again this month. Seems like the only time I turn it on is for the few good exclusives. If Sony keeps it up I doubt I will renew my PS+ sub.

    • Jesse Hasten

      If it wasn’t for multiplayer games requiring ps plus I would have taking it off, it gets expensive to pay Sony and Microsoft.

  • I’d have to agree that currently, Xbox users are getting way better games on their Xbox live deals… Thank God the PS4 is such a better console otherwise I’d be a bit more upset… Grim Fandango was awesome, thank you for that 🙂

  • LordSlasherVII

    Reminds me of Novus Prime from PS Home

  • fun_on_tv

    It’s free stuff. So I don’t complain. Yes, recently it’s hasn’t been great, but there is a limited amount of content available. Until there is a flood of new games (unlikely given the development costs) then we get a limited number of AAA games.
    If I was in Sony shoes I would find a way to reduce the cost of developing games and get them to be easily adapted for PS4, PS3 and PS vita. Also allow people the ability to buy games across the platforms for one price like Diablo and Destiny.

    • Le_Mental

      It’s not free…

      • Dan Smith

        The first 40 quid (or equivalent) of content might not be free but once you pass the annual fee’s worth of content the games technically are if you download and play them all.

        • George Georgeman

          That’s not how it works. You’re confusing cost and value. If you don’t like the offerings you’re essentially paying for nothing, regardless of their cost they hold no value.

        • Le_Mental

          I play for 20-30$ worth of free games on the 50$ susbscription…

        • Mikelle

          That just makes you an idiot.

        • Le_Mental

          And why???

    • Data

      Free? Facepalm.

      • fun_on_tv

        You paid for the service not the games. Do I want expensive games for free of course I do, but it is what it is.
        My wider point was that there aren’t that many AAA games on the market compared to PS3. Due to market maturity of PS3 and cost of developing console games.
        Also given the price differences between music/video streaming services it’s a good deal. If you want to play lots of AAA then plum for PS now. Personally I don’t. I spend enough money of media of all kinds.

        • Ricky Rodgers

          This is a terrible argument. I personally got PS+ because of the “free games”. The only reason I don’t cancel my subscription is because the few titles that have been good I can’t play if I cancel. However, if they continue to release lackluster titles and I do eventually get bored of said titles that I do play I would just cancel the service. Most of the games I play for the single player experience because the multiplayer titles and other forms of media I want to use I do on my PC not my Sony consoles. That being said they really need to step up or people who are not limited to one platform will just stop paying for it.

        • Damien Von Oslo

          I paid for the bonus games, not the service. That’s what PS Plus was about initially. With the launch of PS4 Sony simply flip-flopped and made online gaming a paid service, “included” in the PS Plus subscription.
          And however you wanna spin it, we pay for the games, they are not free. They are an advertised part of the subscription, not an unexpected bonus.

  • Dennis Ramirez

    I agree with you Michael I feel this was 1 of the reasons I bought a PS4 I had told my friends a while back that if Xbox1 starts giving free games away that it would be a wrap for PSN because that’s basically the only thing they have going for it and yet every game with the exception of maybe 3 games have been absolute garbage I felt the voting for the free game thing was fake and they would give the most garbage of the 3 in an attempt to sell the other ones Xbox1 is very aggressive as of late maybe if they catch up with PS4 then Sony would be forced into being just as aggressive

  • Michael Pike

    Yet another piece of dump to add to the library and never play ever. I’m seriously about to smash my ps4 on my concrete driveway I’m sick of Xbox gamers getting stuff like Lords of the Fallen or the Sherlock Holmes game and next month Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive. Meanwhile we get a single episode of Kings Quest…uhhh I think Grim Fandango but it was on sale for $5 a week before hand so…and also…that is all I remember because everything else has been a top down space indie game. Every game. All of them. I want a job at Sony so I can fire every single team working on top down shooter indie games and shut down every home studio working on top down indie games and cut contracts with every publisher working on top down indie shooters. Bill Gates is probably standing outside the Sony headquarters blasting Young Thug and dabbing like a mad man…oh wait Sony sold off their headquarters, probably to get more money to pay more studios to make top down indie shooters.

    • Randy Bradley

      Everything else is top down shooting indies? So, Injustice Gods Among Us, Infamous First Light, Contrast, Styx Master of Shadows, TWD Season 2, Rocket League are top down indie shooters? You either need your eyes checked or your head. Besides SONY has 3 platforms to support and PS+ is cheaper then XBL Gold membership and SONY has given us close to 100 games for the PS4 via PS+ and games with gold has only under 50.

    • David

      Bro, we already got games like Sherlock Holmes

      If you want good games, try subscribing for more than 3 months. We got games like Dishonored, Crysis 3, and so on, and that was last year. But I’m starting to see a trend in the PS Plus users: short term memory. Games that game out on PS plus in 2014 don’t count anymore, even tho they were kickass games. So what if some of the games coming out currently aren’t up to snuff, I have a library FULL of awesome games that Xbox Live is just getting. It aint my fault if you recently became a PS Plus subscriber of if you don’t have a ps3 to get extra PLUS games, yo azz should have been one a long time ago.

      • Kevin Kelly

        Talking about ps4 plus games not the
        Old ps3

    • Flavio Hyseni

      I agree with this guy, although the majority of games have not been too down shooters they have been really crap indie games which if you check the ps store regularly like I do, in the hopes of finding a good deal occasionally, you see that these digital download indie games are constantly on sale, Xbox may be giving out all these AAA title games in the hopes of drawing more customers to them, and right now for me that’s working, I’m paying £40 a year and I try all the “free games” and near 80% have been trash and couldn’t keep me entertained for more than 30 min.
      Why couldn’t people get killzone shadow fall? For example it’s like £5 on Amazon it’s clearly not selling well, so may as well give that out for free

  • DonnyTheDonDoner

    Not my kind of game normally but this one looks pretty good!
    I’ve been a xbox user for years but I tried my xb1 in for a ps4 but it seems now xbox is getting much better free games :'( if it wasn’t for the game the last of us I would be gutted about the trade!