Yahoo Mail down with not able to receive problems

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 20, 2016

There’s massive issues with Yahoo Mail not able to receive email today, even if the Yahoo Mail servers are not completely down on March 20th. The problems are related to both send and receive for a growing number of people in both the USA and Europe, including most parts of the UK.

We’ve received too many complaints to list, but the majority of users seem to complain about not being able to receive Yahoo emails. One of our readers said, “All my emails have not updated with any new e-mail in the last 5 hours, something is very wrong”. Another added, “My Yahoo inbox folder is empty and I’m not receiving any new messages since around 10am EDT on 20 Mar 2016”.

Again, this is directly related to problems with send and receive going down today for Yahoo Mail users rather than sign in problems as we’ve seen in the past. Another Twitter user mentioned, “Yahoo Mail is down which Sky use and this is why it didn’t work. Good job I have iCloud ”


The situation is not much better on Twitter, as the tweets above reveal many issues and similar problems reported to us directly. Is Yahoo Mail send/receive down today for you and if so, what location or city are you in? We’ve reached out to Yahoo for comment, but haven’t received any statements at the time of publication.

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  • Fred

    Oddly, even Yahoo are not admitting anything happened though. Just sent out standard replies that made no mention of the fact it happened over the world. No news items either, apart from here

  • amol p

    people who still use yahoo mail are losers. period.

  • John Hoyle

    Yahoo is the WORST. Always odd problems. Never works well. Trash.

  • Fred

    I cannot find any single statement directly from yahoo to explain on the site. Weird

  • Sd

    Haven’t received in at least five hours, in Ottawa, Canada

  • Adam

    Me neither 🙁 (Berlin, Gernany)

  • Cynthia Fray

    Also not receiving emails today 20.03.2016:(

  • Nathan

    Yahoo Mail is down in the US as well, 20 march 2016.

  • Bob

    cant receive email at all in the UK from Yahoo Mail, also got send problems.