Mac Pro update needed during Apple’s March 2016 event

By Peter Chubb - Mar 19, 2016

The Apple March event will soon be here, and will more than likely be the platform to revel a new smaller iPhone SE, and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. However, we suspect that Apple will surprise with a few other launches as well.

Having already looked into the one more thing, we did leave out a couple of products, but have since realized they are both in need of an update.

Firstly, there is the Mac Pro, as the last time this received an update was back in December 2013, and so long overdue in terms of its hardware. Apple have updated most of its other Mac products in that time, and so this is long over due.

Mac mini update needed

Apple must surely be thinking of updating the processor, graphics and other specs in the Mac Pro, or this desktop will end up being another of those products that gets forgotten about, and a less obvious choice for consumers.

Last year Apple showed that they are not afraid of releasing updated products out of cycle, and so we could see the same thing happen with the Mac mini. This small desktop has not seen an update since October 2014, and so not as out of date as the Mac Pro. However, it could still do with having an update to the latest processor and even dare we say it, USB-C.

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  • rockyromero

    I’m ver pleased with my MAC PRO and with existing expansions available, I’m acquiring another MAC PRO.

    This system has another 5 year life span as it is.

    • Wagner

      you just explained why apple isn’t interested in pushing the mac pro. once you buy one you’re looking at a minimum of 5 years (perhaps 8-10) without buying another machine, Apple hates the idea of this and it’s bad for business.

      • rockyromero

        For individuals, yes, only one MAC PRO desktop may be needed.

        For businesses, the MAC PRO provides speed, flexibility and power that efficiencies and gets better results.

        I’m switching over from the limitations of the MAC Mini and Windows machines.

        Yes, Apple will generate more revenue with the mobile devices, and the MAC PRO will make money for businesses.

        As long as Apple produces MAC OS, I’m staying with it.

  • GeneMaster

    the mini needs to be expandable again (RAM not soldered, add 2nd drive), it’ a desktop and does not need to be insanely thin. Apple has currently no machine that can be expanded to over 4TB storage (holding on my previous gen mac pro with 5 6Tb drives).

  • Kira Kinski

    The Mac Pro needs a do over. This is Tim Cook’s Cube, in cylinder form. It has not been widely embraced by the professional market and has cost Apple dearly in that respect, not that it would ever admit to such. Sales have been relatively dismal; and that speaks volumes. Maybe if it were far cheaper and an external chassis were available for it. I dunno. Apple just got wrapped up with being cool over function, form did not follow function. Maybe Apple will come to its senses and fix this mistake. I would like to purchase a Mac Pro, but nothing is offered today that interests me.