Some gamers just got a free Fallout 4 Season Pass

It looks like Sony may have made a massive error, as we’re getting several reports from readers that for a brief period of time the Fallout 4 Season Pass was up on the PlayStation Store for absolutely nothing.

Bethesda won’t be happy to hear about this, but it’s not the first time that we have seen errors within the PlayStation Store involving paid content being available for free due to human error.

As you can see below, it happened again with Fallout 4 around 10am UK time on Friday morning of March 18 within a two hour window – here’s confirmation what some of you may have seen when checking out.


Sony has now of course corrected the error and the link for a free Fallout 4 Season Pass is no longer available. However, users are now taking to this Reddit thread to confirm their unbelievable luck, while others rue their own for arriving to the party late.

How does this thing keep happening? Leave us a comment below if you can confirm that you also managed to get a free Season Pass for the game. The pass is worth £40 after all so this is no laughing matter for Bethesda.



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