Destiny Xur location for March 18 with new spawn time

For new Destiny players who picked up the game at Christmas, finding out where is Xur for March 18, 2016 remains a priority, even if others say that the game is losing its appeal, fast.

We have a heads-up for you once again as we’ll be updating this article very soon with Xur’s location in the Tower or Reef for March 18 and let you know what he is selling.

Remember that last week, Xur did not bring a specific exotic weapon in his inventory, so players will be hoping that this changes for this week.


He did however have the likes of the An Insurmountable Skullfort, Heart of the Praxic Fire and the Achlyophage Symbiote – so it was an average week in contrast.

This week, Xur will appear at a different time in the tower due to Daylight Savings Time now being in affect over in the US. As a result, Xur will spawn in the tower at 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time – 9am UK time until next week when the same change will happen.

Make sure you are aware of this as many of you may be heading to the tower right now and wondering why you can’t find Xur! Come back in under an hour and we’ll update this with the details for you.

Update: Xur has now spawned for the first time on DST in 2016. Inventory includes the Zhalo Supercell! Also the Obsidian Mind, Radiant Dance Machines, An Insurmountable Skullfort and a Heavy Weapon legacy engram. Great week guys!

Location: In the Tower, outside by the railings near speaker area.



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