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11 more phones have Windows 10 Mobile upgrade

Well, it’s finally happened after months of waiting, 11 more Windows Phone 8.1 phones have now received the Windows 10 Mobile update. Microsoft initially said that there would be even greater handset support, and so we suspect they will see their rollout in the coming days and weeks.

You can see the full Windows 10 Mobile upgrade list over on The Verge, although Microsoft does show a more extensive list of those Windows 8.1 phones that will get the upgrade in due course.

You will notice there are still a number of handsets missing, and this is because they are said to be too hard to be eligible for the update, which we always knew would happen.

11 more phones have Windows 10 Mobile upgrade

In order to help you through the upgrade process, Microsoft asks that you download the Upgrade Advisor app, as this will then let you know when your phone is ready to receive the Windows 10 Mobile update.

It’s said that Microsoft will push the update automatically to supported devices in time, but this is just the early rollout, and so a helping hand is obviously needed.

There has been a lot of negative feedback over this rollout, as x20 phones were meant to be getting Windows 10 Mobile support, yet it does not have it, and no longer looks as though it will.

We can understand that some people will say what do you expect from a phone range that is four years old. However, this would have been better for the users if they were told from the start that they would not be offered support.



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