The Division servers down with services unavailable

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2016

Ubisoft is showing that The Division server status is fine on the official game forums, but in reality we can tell you that many gamers are saying that The Division is down right now on PS4 and Xbox One with a constant ‘services are not available’ error message.

We’ve already told you earlier this week about The Division error codes such as Mike, Delta and Romeo and we can still see that players are suffering from this.

Take a look at the image below which shows the Mike error in The Division happening within the last hour and the full error message which reads: “The Division services are not available at this time. Please try again later.”


As we say, the The Division server status on the Ubisoft forums does not show that there problems on March 17, but leave your comments below if you are definitely having issues signing into the game.

How has your experience been today trying to play the game – are you getting frustrated?

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  • Tah

    I’m in NY and I keep getting the Delta and Mike error message

  • Bon

    Delta here in California all day and all tonight. Most play I have had was 40 mins..but it was very laggy with freezes, non recording kill shots.. And ghost one shot kills to me.WTF…

  • Alyssa Roman

    I was having the Lima code, Cincinnati Ohio, I closed the application on my PS4 and reopened it and it works fine now!

  • I got delta 2000098 but the servers are not in maintinence till tomorrow?

  • Edgar Torres

    LIMA problem HERE as well…25 March 2015…and all has kept me disconnecting…Chiapas, México

  • Kidd

    I have a LIMA 10410387… anyone know what this means?

    • Bobby1kenobi

      Same here

  • frusturated gamer

    Lima 10450576 Mar. 23 2016 Obviously still having issues ?

  • Adam Peake

    DELTA 20010186. Same here @HLSTRM.

  • Stunher

    Delta/Mike Texas

  • Squirtle Squad

    I’ve got the Mike code too

  • Will Henion

    I have a Mike error code too but I see my friends online playing just fine… Making me really salty


    Mike 20220360 ps4. Wth, i didnt go to work just to play.. and this happens!!!

  • Yogi

    Mike 20240136. What is the point of leaving a comment if we can’t get fix for the error

  • Cahu

    Mike 20220360 ps4

  • Erica MzOriginal Boss

    Romeo error code Xbox one

  • connor veit

    DELTA!!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!
    And now I just got Lima!!!!
    PS4 US

  • andy

    Delta/mike errors UK

  • xXSkorpynXx

    Ontario on Xbox One. Mike error. I was able to fix it by doing a hard reset (hold the power button for about 10 seconds and leave it off for a bit). At the time of this post there was a server queue. Just a heeds up

  • Coty Rawles

    Winnsboro, La. Mike server down as well

  • abhilash

    Dubai, UAE. getting the Delta server down message as well. and after emptying entire clips os ammo into the NPC i still get killed as they teleport right behind me and kill me. ubisoft is loosing their touch with games constantly having lags with each release.

  • Jamal Murdaugh

    Philadelphia PA

  • Jamal Murdaugh

    Still having issues on my Xboxone Delta error code…. I return my game at GameStop because of this issue rebrought it an still having the same problem. That’s too much money being wasted an I haven’t played my game but once.

    • Erica MzOriginal Boss

      Me too I’m getting Romeo did all what you did too and o still can’t play

  • Jon Dearth

    Down in the suburbs of DC. Delta code. Logs me on, go to “continue” game and…….. “connecting” for a few minutes before the error.

  • Brad

    Down in Calliope, Australia! Delta codes.

  • Alan

    Down in Washington state

    • EliteStealth

      FOUND FIX FOR LIMA Remove your disc from console and power it off turn back on and reinsert disc. Connection to server must be terminated…Worked for me!!!

  • Justin Gardinier

    Down in California. I got delta and Mike codes

  • disqus_1hLuDPvsSd

    Mine shows as code: LIMA 10410387- PLAYSTATION Network services are unreachable at this time. NY PS4

    • EliteStealth

      FOUND FIX FOR LIMA Remove your disc from console and power it off turn back on and reinsert disc. Connection to server must be terminated…Worked for me!

  • Paul

    I got the same error msg in the pic.
    Syd, australia

  • Noah kindle

    Not having issues signing in per say after initiating matchmaking I hold right stick down to join group then am disconnected at 3 percent of the group loading wheel Xbox one

  • Arthur

    It’s down for the PC right now.

  • Robert Fischbach

    No service for the division on Xbox one, Mike error code

  • KC Svalina

    For me when trying to join an invite to the daily hard missions it starts at 0% then goes immediately to black screen and pops up with error code mike

  • ernesto

    Still receiving errors on the game: Mike 20210563 at 6:15 PST on 17 March 2016

  • TakionPulse

    They’ve got cloud data errors going on. If you force start your game,youll lose 10 minutes of whatever you were doing the last time you played. Otherwise, we have to wait until they restore all of our save data. That’s stupid a$$ DRM for you right there, Force restarts on your consoles will refresh your hardware and connections, but it does nothing for whats going on on their end. I myself am going to just give it up for an hour or two before I get upset.

  • Gaz D

    yeah no joy here..Mike error code….grrrrr

  • TakionPulse

    @jesse, I didn’t try that one yet,but I did reset my modem/router and force quit the game and none of that worked. I don’t like doing a hard reset on my xbox because it seems like it does a mild memory dump when I do that, but I’m going to do that next if all else fails

  • jesse

    Just unplugged my xbox and plugged it back in and I have access

  • TakionPulse

    The Division Forums are giving NO info on what this problem is at all. Reminds me of the same crap Konami was pulling when MGSV was screwing up.

  • Zeratul X

    Been down for a few hours

  • jamesbond

    down. Keeps kicking me out the game or out of the group i try to join.

  • RazzielX

    Xbox one down

  • TakionPulse

    I wouldn’t mind logging in and creating a diff toon just for something to do, but I don’t want to risk force logging in and losing save data on my main guy.

  • Ralph


  • jesse


  • TakionPulse

    Ive gotten the MIKE as well. I was able to play for a few hours earlier,but I was rubber banding a lot and right before it all went down around my ears, I was in the DZ waiting for an extraction except the coptor wouldn’t pull off and I wasn’t able to interact with anything. That DZ situation was a new one for me.

  • achildofearth

    Down too. “Mike” error

  • Rmoe

    Ufc didn’t turn up today. Division severs down. Today was a bad day

  • Mike Chamberlain

    when i saw the name mike i just thought it new my character name lol

  • jerrick

    im down too

  • Nunya

    I was just now able to log back in by force quitting the game and launching it again.

  • Steve Mills

    Can’t get in, no matter what Ubisoft says. Shitty Round One NCAA match ups it is, then.

  • Don’t worry

    I can get in but when I start a mission it gives me the error

  • Moi

    cant log in

  • JayMaw

    Stuck watching an unskippable video, make it halfway through and then get booted out. Took quite a few tries to even get into the character screen.

  • dbag

    Mine are down here as well. Getting the same mike error

  • Phix

    Same here. Took me quite a few attempts just to get to my character screen, about a dozen to get into a game, then error coded out each time I tried to join my group’s game. It shows me as part of their group even though I am back at the first startup screen. Argh.

  • Frontline xX

    Too bad I was looking forward to doing my first challenge mission

  • Patrick Kehoe

    Getting the servers down message and lagging under the map

  • Frontline xX

    I’m getting Mike all day long. 🙄🙄

  • Mr. Legend

    It’s annoying man

  • acaver


  • Giancarlo

    yep same problem right now

  • Swivel Eyed

    yep its down for me. Error: “Mike”