The Division fix demand for Delta, Mike and Romeo error codes

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2016

There’s mixed reactions to how Tom Clancy’s The Division started since launch with a number of error codes appearing for certain players on Xbox One, PC and PS4. The Division delta error code tops the list within reports, but other error problems users want to know how to fix include MIKE, and Romeo Error Codes.

It’s no secret Ubisoft Support received many reports within tweets explaining players are having problems with the division servers, and getting the “delta” error on PS4 or Xbox, but what do these codes mean and what would you do about them?

You can see one such Error Code Delta within The Division screenshot below and this is for 20000984. The numbers vary as well, as we’ve seen Delta error code 20000950, 20010159, and 20000933 reported as well. Each will happen in different situations, but not all are explained clearly.


One Product Reviews reader said, “I just got a delta error in the Dark Zone, after a lot of lag” Another asks, “How do you fix Delta, MIKE, and Romeo error codes. I get all different numbers and in different parts of the game”.

It’s fair to say that millions of players taking to the game at launch caused servers to reach capacity fast and uPlay outages. Some of the codes early on could relate to this, but we are seeing certain errors still persisting.

Just wait when it’s a server side error – In most cases you can just wait a little while and try again later, which almost always fixes most errors if they are server side. There’s not much you can do about these.

Problems your end – Some The Division codes can be fixed yourself like Delta 20010186 that indicates something is up your end. In most cases this is something blocking your game from reaching Tom Clancy servers, as such you might need to adjust your IP blocker or VPN, contact your ISP, or maybe even restart your router. In more complicated situations, you might need to allow Ubisoft servers through your firewall.

Have you been getting error codes with The Division and if so, what ones?

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  • Enbrok

    Purchased the game on the 11th of March and on the morning of the 19th noticed a high end backpack missing, tried to log in later that day and could not get past the connecting screen. Have submitted a ticket, but Ubisoft choose to ignore me, they have my £45.99 and don’t care !!!

    My partner created an account on the same PS4 and that plays ok-ish (crashed once), so the problem is not my end. I have tried reinstalling the game, have portforwarded and tried the DMZ and even turning the firewall off all to no avail.

    I have had several error codes along the way: Delta 10010355, Delta 10010086, Delta 20000644, Mike 20250383 and a PSN errorcode CE-34878-0 which I believe means that an application has crashed. My gamertag is Romney57 if any Ubisoft employees read this then fix this error pronto!!!

    • Jerry Chaney

      I play on a PC, but have had nothing but heart ache from this game. Which makes the fact that they chopped out most of the original game to sell it as DLC just before release that much worse.