St. Patrick’s Day funny meme’s going viral today

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2016

The culture of sharing St. Patrick’s Day funny meme’s, images with quotes, can be popular all year round but of course go viral on the big day itself. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Product Reviews readers, as we got some of the best St. Patrick’s Day meme’s for 2016 and of course those going viral online right now.

Take a look below and feel free to comment with your favourites. There’s plenty more online, but these are the most shared we’ve seen so far this year and St. Patrick’s Day meme’s will no doubt get shared millions of times today alone.







Popular St. Patrick’s Day databases online – If you are looking for more funny, and not so funny memes, then head to and also Memecenter.

Once again, Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone.

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