Apple’s new Ad with Cookie Monster for aspiring chefs

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2016

If you are planning to head to the kitchen as an aspiring chef, Apple has sent out a delightful reminder this week with a new Apple Ad featuring none other than Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

It’s all in an attempt to emphasise the usefulness that Siri has in the kitchen, when it comes to setting up a timer hands free. This is possible on the iPhone 6S and you can simply tell Siri “Hey Siri, set a timer for x minutes” and your instruction will be delivered instantly.

You can then say to Siri “Check timer” and you can see how long you have left if you have something in the oven, but are pre-occupied with another task.


We’re willing to bet that this handy feature is not used enough by the average iPhone 6S user, so now is the opportunity to see what hands-free Siri can do to improve your daily lifestyle.

Watch the clip below and share it with your friends if you enjoyed it. How else do you use hands-free Siri around the house?

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