Thorpe Park 12p ticket woes expected

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 25, 2016

The Thorpe Park 12p tickets will launch on March 25th at 10am and follow a similar promotion for 11p Diggerland tickets, although additional server capacity will be needed to handle expected demand and stop thousands of complaints on social media.


Some people felt upset enough to call the whole process “a con”, even if these claims aren’t backed with any facts. The reason such claims were made had been due to hundreds of families trying to get these cheap tickets from the second they went live at 10am, but were left spending the best part of a day watching a white page and then in time a Diggerland website maintenance message.

Thorpe Park 12p ticket woes expected – it’s true all servers can only handle so much traffic and people visiting at the same time, but there’s hopes additional server capacity will be ordered for the Thorpe Park 12p tickets sale on March 25th, 2016.


As you would expect, right now you can see all details without any problems at here in regard to the 12p tickets. When 10am on March 25th arrives, users are expecting server crashes again, tickets to be sold out in minutes, and some still claim “there wasn’t any on sale anyway for the last promotion”.

We’ve reached out to those behind the Thorpe Park website to find out what preparations are being made before the 12p ticket sale. There hasn’t been a response at the time of publication and any statement we receive will be found below.

Will you try to get Thorpe Park 12p tickets on the 25th?

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  • Michael Dixon

    Not happy went on at half 9 waited kept refreshing page. Went live for us at 10am for promo code to say incorrect code. The only way it worked was to copy and past from a Web page. By then it said sorry tickets were sold out 😠😠😠😠😠

  • harjinder

    The 12p tickets that suppose to go live at 10am this morning for 12p. I got up early this morning and was really from 8am right up to 10am and click on button several times and that 1 sec after 10am your site said sold out. I think this is terrible and misleading to people to go on the site. How can there be sold within a second?? Or were there tickets????

  • Ben

    Yes I will try again, but not holding out much luck. Anyone get one from the 11p diggerland sale?