Marvel Future Fight World Boss strategies, rewards list

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2016

Marvel Future Fight is now down for maintenance on March 15, in preparation for the 2.0.0 update that is about to land. Now we wanted to talk about the big World Boss feature that is coming, which will introduce members of the Black Order into the game.

This is going to be a raid type of game mode, where you choose a team of 3 characters and 5 strikers to take down the likes of Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Black Dwarf and possibly even Thanos too!

Thanks to early screenshots, it looks like you will have 10 entries per day to attempt to defeat the boss and within these 10 entries it looks like you can use the same team repeatedly if you wish.


Above is an example of some of the Marvel Future Fight World Boss rewards on offer – these should include gold, norn stones, gear-up kits, iso-8, dimension debris and most importantly, dimension chests which could contain random biometrics rewards.

We want you to use this page to discuss your plan of action to beat World Boss mode in Future Fight and perhaps help beginner players who are looking for tips on the best method to use.

Which characters are you planning to use and do you think you have a good enough squad to claim the rewards? Leave your feedback below!

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  • Carl White

    How do you do co op world bosses?

  • Jonathan

    I’m having trouble starting the mission. At the ready up screen it only shows my spider-man character. Are there level requirements? I was thinking I might not be meeting them.

    • Jordan

      They must be 6*

  • henzup

    I managed to clear Black Dwarf using Iron Man as leader, FLoki as striker and Groot’s healing power every now and then. Even with this combo it too me some luck and tried around 8 times before succeeding. Keep running around with FLoki to avoid the attacks. She is still your biggest hope in winning.

  • IronFist

    This mode is pretty difficult.. but you can clear it with Sharon/Carter lead with Loki and a third.. just use similar strategy to AB Meteor days.. keep shield up and keep running. Keep the tips coming guys…very helpful.

  • K Dawg

    I was able to get the boss’s health down to almost half .. my strategy is to not fight the boss head on and keep running only fight when you can use the purple button where all ur 60lv red players can attack him.. after the attack just keep avoiding him… my Floki lasted the longest cuz of sheild… however i still dont see a way the boss can be beaten…. I think u would have to awaken ur ISOs to all red level for all the characters ure using to attack him… thats why they have that new function now

  • mr.jin

    its a pity that only 6* heroes can only play this world boss battle…its similar to how they restricted Carnage for those normal non VIP players to get and now its in the form of world boss….i thing only Elite players can get these new heroes.

  • 3223

    I can’t even begin to describe how difficult this is. My red 6* teams couldnt even bring his health down a meaningful level. This is some god mode stuff we are talking about.

    There may be super die hard fanatics who would be more than happy to be able to assist, but I am still unsure as to how to get around to beating him!

    • Mike

      agreed, my lvl 60 charactrers die after two hits in this fight, with almost no damage returned to Black Dwarf, I was thinking physicaly immune or resistant chars may stand a chance, so Vision, Hulkbuster, who next?

      • 3223

        The one hero who eats a huge chunk of his health is loki. But even then, he dies. My hulkbuster got owned rather comprehensively. I’m thinking more of characters with summons. Loki and ultron perhaps. Or sister grimm. Or even king/blingpin!

      • StarkRavingBatShit

        Carnage spidey and iron man

      • Hashim Minhas

        Ultimate Green Goblin has a good chance of being immune to all damage, that could help.

      • Jarrell Heavyonmygrind Barton

        Yellow Jacket as lead… He has the paralyze then ultimate green goblin and new hulk buster… They both have damage immunity… It work for me… Keep running and keep changing characters in the fight

  • StarkRavingBatShit

    Is this only for max rank characters?

    • 3223

      Yes. From my initial time being butchered, only 6* heroes (most prolly lvl 60) will be useable for these world boss battles. and if you can get a chance to play, you’ll understand why…

      • StarkRavingBatShit

        Ya all i can use is my Iron Man who is only lvl 46

    • Jarrell Heavyonmygrind Barton

      Yup they dont tell you that

  • Robert J Richard

    I plan on using carnage, Loki, and sister Grimm, with hb, blade, bolt,hulk, and red hulk as my strikers