GTA 5 1.17 update live with 1.33 patch notes excitement

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2016

We have already told you that a new GTA 5 update would be coming soon and now we are happy to confirm that the GTA 5 1.17 update is now live on PS4.

The new GTA 5 update is 9.53GB on PS4, so it’s a massive update which we are expecting similar sizes for Xbox One and PC.

As always, Rockstar has not revealed the list of changes in GTA 5 1.17 or 1.33 Online, but we do know that this is the Lowriders 2 GTA V update today.


When Rockstar posts the GTA 5 1.17 patch notes in full, you will be able to find them at this link so remember to keep checking – although by history, this tends to happen several hours later.

For now we want you to tell us what you have spotted new in GTA 5 today after this whopping 9GB update. What has been your favorite part of the update so far after installing?

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  • Ge_mills

    What Does This GTA 1.17 Update Brings to The Game Mod —Would Like you know—

    • Trey

      I can’t even play deathmatches, races or any other jobs anymore. It keeps telling me “there is no active deathmatch found” or any job I tried to join. It really frustrating. Does anybody know what’s the problem, cos I don’t.

  • Li Don

    Yet more content for online. Thanks Rockstar for ignoring the rest of us.

    • Nope

      You also want more content for the GTA V story mode? I thought I was the only one

  • Holy Cow, that’s a huge list of patches and fixes in the patch notes. Nice work, Rockstar.

  • Rockstar Vienna

    Lol, it’s not a 9GB update.

  • EliteBubbleFun

    my hdd can’t take it anymore 🙁

    • EliteBubbleFun

      oh.. it started at 8 GB + .i thought it was gonna be another 9GB +

  • Nate

    Why is grand theft auto 5 updates
    not on PS3

    • Nicolas Covey

      Rockstar announced a while back that the last gen systems were pretty much pushing the limit of what they could do with GTA so there will be no more dlc for ps3 and Xbox 360

    • zach

      Who still uses their ps3? It’s time to get a PS4 man, it really is worth it.