BBC iPlayer not working with blank screen today

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 15, 2016

We regularly get status reports at Product Reviews in regard to popular apps and services, as such when the BBC iPlayer is not working it will make our inbox. Today, March 15 2016, we’ve just been informed of BBC iPlayer problems and in particular the app or desktop software just showing a blank black screen.

The screenshot below is what a number of Windows and Mac users sent to us. Also, after checking ourselves on Mac OS it seems the problem has been ongoing for at least 15 minutes on desktop browsers.

One Product Reviews reader said this, “BBC iplayer servers are down march 15, not working at all in the app and on desktop”. Another added, “No sound, now won’t play at all. Nothing loading, I updated Flashplayer and restarted, nothing still happening”. One of these reports came on our outage section of BBC iPlayer on Product Reviews.


Are the BBC iPlayer servers down for you today? If so, what platform are services not working on? We have been informed of problems in Kent and London, so again feel free to leave a location as well. From what we can tell, these issues have only just started and are across the UK.

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