Tom Clancy’s The Division shield glitch

While gamers saw swift action with Tom Clancy’s The Division and Trained Talent being disabled, other players hope to see The Division shield glitch fixed in the upcoming 1.02 patch notes. It’s clear why we all saw no time wasted with fixing the Trained Talent, but equally other glitches are upsetting a number of players.

As with every request to fix glitches, we have seen gamers split on what should get prioritized for the next update. There will also be a number of bugs being experienced as well, so feel free to leave details in the comments on anything you’ve seen while playing Tom Clancy’s latest game.


If you haven’t personally seen The Division shield glitch in action, then fear not as we have included some gameplay below this article. The video runs for just under 3 minutes and will clearly show you what some players are complaining about, so take a look and let us know if this is a big problem for you or not? Personally, we’ve seen a number of gameplay videos and many won’t be classed as glitches, but rather just a part of the game. Leave opinions below.



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