iPod touch 7th generation necessity

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 13, 2016

We had to wait years for the latest Apple media player to release, but for some the iPod touch 7th generation couldn’t launch soon enough. There’s a few features seen on other Apple gadgets that fans would love to see on the iPod touch 7th-gen, if it would ever see a release date considering the time waited previously.

Our home is surrounded by Apple products, like many of our readers, although we also own tech products from a variety of brands and platforms. We know Apple’s latest iPod touch well and enjoy the performance improvements seen with an A8 chip and 8MP iSight camera, but what about Touch ID and other features requested for a future upgrade?


iPod touch 7th generation necessity and your wish list – it will be interesting to see if we’ll be waiting a few years until the next upgrade, or if Apple will decide to offer more timely updates to their biggest portable media player moving forward.

We love using our fingerprint to unlock the iPhone 6S, for multiple passwords, so it just has to come to an iPod touch at some point surely? While only Apple will have an idea on when the next iPod touch 7th generation is coming out, we’d love to see Touch ID, improved graphics, a bigger flashlight, wireless charging, more colours, and another size option. What’s on your wish list for an iPod touch 7G and do you think we need another upgrade?

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  • Anonymous

    Apple was supposed to release the iPod touch 6 with the iPhone 6 not 6S.
    Suggested features:
    5″ 4K AMOLED sapphire 3D touch 600ppi edge to edge bezel-free display
    A10+M10 2.5GHz quad core 64-bit Processor
    4000mAh Li-Poly battery
    64GB,128GB,256GB memory
    8MP F/2.2 wide angle front cam
    21MP F/1.8 rear cam telephoto lens with OIS,continual focusing,timelapse
    Dual LED true tone flash with Li-Fi
    Touch ID 3rd generation with Apple pay
    Wi-Fi 802.16 a/b/g/n/ac/ad tri-band
    Bluetooth 4.2 with NFC and iBeacon
    Built-in Microphone,3D surround sound Beats speakers,vibrator,3D 9-axis gyrometer,accelerometer,ambient light sensor,barometer,thermometer,compass,magnetometer,proximity sensor
    Wireless charging from 25ft
    Redesigned thinner body full speaker ports along bottom,no 3.5mm port
    Neon body colors:red,orange,yellow,green,blue,pink,black,silver
    What’s included in box:
    iPod Touch 7th generation with iOS 10
    Apple wireless Airpods with remote and mic
    1M Wireless charging pad
    5W AC Adapter
    3.5mm to lightning adapter

    • Jay Roberts

      And a summer 2016 release date- other than that, you seem to have everything covered.

      • Anonymous

        No release it alongside the iPhone 7 at the event that way more people know about it.iPod Touch 7 would be released this fall if they didn’t release the 6 last year and released it along the iPhone 6.

    • Melisa

      You need to remember that the iPod touch is like a cheaper alternative for an iPhone. You’d be paying well over 400 dollars for those features so you might as well just but an iPhone. Apple wants to make the iPod affordable so people will actually buy it

      • Anonymous

        Yes I understand that but the iPod Touch needs to step up it’s specs and be similar to the iPhone specs because certain iOS features and apps from the App Store don’t work.Certain people would pay to have good specs under $400,tbh all of Apple’s current product specs aren’t up to date,plus paying over $300 is a no.Excluding the cellular network and certain high specs the iPod Touch needs to be similar to the iPhone and last atleast a few years.

    • Shawn Robeck

      Lol there’s no such thing as wireless charging from 25ft. Wireless charging means u set it on top of a charging pad without needing to plug it in. Majority of the rest of the things you listed like A10 cpu, wifi tri-band (seriously is that joke?), sapphire glass, etc are technologies that haven’t even been released yet. What dream did you where all that stuff would be included in a $250 device?

      • Anonymous

        Apple is currently working of true wireless charging and Li-Fi.I know most of the things I listed aren’t true but it was just a realistic concept which Apple wouldn’t have to upgrade for a while.I had a crazier dream about a concept iPhone X an iPod Touch X which would make you go ballistic i’m 22 btw but I tried to make this list a realistic concept one.I just wanted the iPod Touch to be close to the iPhone 7.

    • Ben

      Haha bahaha that made me laugh! You think apple cares enough about the iPod touch to give is a 4k smoked 5″ display!? Lol! And all the dust and water proofing hahaha they don’t even do that with their prized iPhones! Touch ID would be nice though… Basically what you are looking for is a Samsung galaxy s8 running iOS lol.

      • Jack

        I know Apple isn’t gonna make any of this happen anytime,but they should make it more like the iPhone except for the cellular part it contributes to their sales.There are so many people who use the iPod Touch as an alternative just for music,videos or games.Tbh a 5.5″ FHD,A10+M10,2GB RAM,2000mAh,32GB/64GB/128GB,5MP Front,16MP Rear with OIS,Dual LED,Touch ID,Wi-Fi 802.11 a-ad,Bluetooth 5.0,all sensors built in,IP69 rating and i’m good to go.I like all tech companies and Samsung is good but they rush whatever Apple as patented,maybe if Samsung devices ran iOS there would be a big chance the world would like them both better.

  • Noah

    I would also like and update plan like the iPhone so you don’t have to spend another $200-400 on another iPod. Maybe like a $50 dollar upgrade will be good

  • WilburPost

    For me, it’s all about the camera. The iPod Touch is the slimmest, handiest camera I’ve ever found, and if the camera keeps improving, I’ll keep updating. I love being able to snap pics on the spur of the moment and have them automatically sync to my Macs over the cloud…and I’m not a big lover of cell phones…so the touch fits my needs well.

    • Shawn Robeck

      Camera is very low on my list since my iPhone already handles that better and over a cell connection to text those impromptu pics.

  • Ben

    Without a doubt, yes we need TOUCH ID on an iPod Touch.