Best WWE 2K16 PC mods with amazing CM Punk

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2016

WWE 2K16 is finally out on PC and we know right away that many of you will be looking for the best WWE 2K16 PC mods to download to add in content that 2K have missed.

These include some of the current popular wrestlers that are not on the main roster, but also wrestlers that have moved on from the company – such as Jeff Hardy, CM Punk and Kurt Angle.

Now we have some great news as one user has already managed to create an authentic looking CM Punk mod for WWE 2K16 on PC.


The method is a clever one: using Hex editing, combined with his WWE 2K15 Titantron and some switch wizardry involving Zack Ryder.

Take a look at some CM Punk WWE 2K16 gameplay below and let us know what you think about it – would you love to download this for yourself?

Since WWE 2K16 is now out on PC, we’ll be focusing on some of the best mods as we see them – what mods would you want to download if you had the choice?

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  • Anthony D

    Hex editing is amazing. I have been watching Pozzum’s video tutorials on Youtube on how to do it and used them to learn how to add in Hogan (red/yellow AND black/white in separate slots from the 2k15 game and new attires made from scratch), Rey Mysterio (Including the WCW attires), CM Punk and RVD.

    Plus, you can edit the future string to call attires whatever you want and use the future string to create new slots so that modded superstars don’t actually cancel out other stars. I would highly recommend to watch Pozzum’s youtube channel to understand how to do it without deleting stars. It’s so much more efficient and organised in this way.

    It seems so hard at first, but bit by bit when you learn 1 step at a time, over the course of a short amount of time, you may find yourself addicted and having an incredible experience on 2k16

    • Anthony D

      Plus, I started this because the creation suite wouldn’t let me create a Hogan CAW that looked even remotely like him. The suite is still so tricky and buggy and ANNOYING. I feel so robbed that he was pulled from the game after 2k15’s PERFECT hulkamania addition. Now I finally have him back in all his glory in 2k16. This includes movesets, entrances, winning animations, all titantron/minitron/walltrons as well. Danger: If you don’t learn how to do it correctly, you may end up corrupting your files so listen carefully and follow all the steps, then you will be perfectly fine doing it.