The Division down for server maintenance, gamer status

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2016

We have a quick heads-up for those who are logging in to The Division and are wondering why the The Division servers are down for maintenance.

Ubisoft sent out a message hours ago to say that the game would be down for two hours starting from 10pm Pacific Time on Wednesday March 9, or 6am to 8am UK time on Thursday morning.

That means The Division servers should be coming back up for everyone as we speak, but we wanted to set this up just in case some of you are still having problems signing in to The Division.


Remember that you can also keep yourself updated with the live The Division server status here over at the Ubisoft forums – there doesn’t appear to be a separate unique site yet, but we’ll update you when there is.

Are you still having problems connecting to The Division servers? Report your problems below and interact with other players.

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