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Disable Windows 10 update after automatic install

We can see that Windows owners are not very happy with Microsoft at the moment, after persistent notifications telling them to upgrade to Windows 10 or install the latest version of Windows 10 – even when users don’t wish to.

Earlier this week, many of you may have been greeted by a surprise Windows 10 update, which was automatic for some users even when trying to cancel it.

As a result, some of you have been asking us how to stop Windows 10 from updating, or how to disable Windows 10 updates completely.


With this in mind, you may find the following information below useful which we picked out from this Microsoft support article.

It involves heading into the registry which usually isn’t recommended for the average user, but sometimes it can be the only method to resolve when nothing else seems to work.


In a week where even Jeremy Clarkson vented his fury about Windows updates on Twitter, you may want to try the above method and see if it helps to stop Windows 10 updates from installing on your computer.

Have you been frustrated with automatic Windows 10 updates on your system with the constant message “Windows updating please do not turn off computer” and don’t know how to stop them? Give us your experiences below.



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