Fallout 4 1.4, 1.04 update live for PS4, Xbox One with patch notes

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2016

We are happy to give you the news that the Fallout 4 patch 1.4 is almost ready for release on PS4 and Xbox One. Bethesda has confirmed this in an update for gamers and since the PC patch is already live we can bring you a full heads-up on the list of changes in the Fallout 4 1.4 patch on PS4 and Xbox One. Update:
Fallout 4 1.04 update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, see details at bottom of post.

This is a fairly significant update too, with Bethesda adding some nice settlement improvements in this patch – one of which now shows settlements under attack with an updated message with the results of the attack if player does not respond.

As usual, there’s another big wave of quest fixes to read through such as the “Kremvh’s Tooth” item not spawning and fixes specifically for the “Rocket’s Red Glare” and “Getting a Clue” quests.


With 1.4, your game on PS4 and Xbox One should also perform better with Bethesda adding even more stability and performance improvements.

Now on to the main matter – when is the Fallout 4 1.4 update out for PS4 and Xbox One? The developer has said it will be live before the end of the week so given that it is now Thursday, Friday March 11 should be the date when you can finally enjoy the latest update.



Give us your thoughts on the update notes above and let us know when the patch is live in your area on PS4 and Xbox One – we’re not sure if both platforms will get the update at the same time, we expect it will vary between platforms.

Update: It is 8.30pm UK time and we can confirm that within the hour, Bethesda has just gone live with the Fallout 4 1.4, or 1.04 update on PS4 and Xbox One.

You’ll find the patch notes above, let us know what you think of the Fallout 4 1.04 changes below and anything else you spot not mentioned.

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  • Jade

    Upset they fixed the shipment thing that was actually a huge help in building up my settlements I didn’t have to buy a shipment wait 48 hours (in game) then buy more I could just duplicate it till I messed up which was fair because if I screwed up its my fault I didn’t get a lot of supply’s

  • Austin Barnard

    Dependency quest fix? How about recruiting level 4 vendors?

  • David Luna

    When are they gonna fix Cait’s loyalty mission dammit

  • Simon Coope

    Anybody noticed the games started crashing since this update? Also half of the missions can’t be completed, buggy game!

    • João Fardilha

      No problems so far with me on PS4, which version are you playing?

  • Andrew

    I want you add function of hiding guns behind his back, not in the pocket.pls

  • Ericka Mancini

    Is there no fix for “Confidence man” yet? Travis and Vadim are now missing in my game. They haven’t gone back to diamond city for months now.

  • FalloutMinecraft

    Why doesn’t somebody fix the exploit that allows companions to carry thousands of pounds?

    If they are trying to discourage “cheating” then this would be the fastest way to make sure nobody wants to play the game at all.

    • Jay

      What matter dose to u I see it not being a problem

  • Javier E. Colón

    I have a problem with McGready’s request for companionship. I refused the first time to do it later on, but now when I go to the “The Third Rail” he dissapeared. He is important for the story and now I’m on level 57 and I don’t know where he is.

  • Commandr Shepard

    Still no fix for clearing out super mutants in the library in the Public Knowledge quest huh? They were already dead when I entered the first time and the quest cannot be completed and lots of people have had this problem 🙁

  • ashfoxx

    Did this fix the constant freezing when connected to the internet? Seemed important.

  • CrouchingWeasel

    How about fixing the Targeting HUD bug, it’s only been 4 months Bugthesda, any time before the second coming of Jeebus would be nice.

  • Reese

    Why fix the shipment duplication glitch? It’s optional, nobody has to do it, but it makes the game go faster for those of us who have real lives to tend too….

    • Matt

      Play the game legit or dont play at all ts people like you that ruin the game creating more problems then it already had then complaining when they patch your cheating ass

      • BarcodeBass31

        But, is him duplicating shipments somehow messing up someone else’s experience?

      • FrankenWeiner

        You don’t EVER make your companions carry EVERYTHING? I suspect that you will deny using the exploit. Hypocrite douche.

      • PeopleRidiots

        Gtfo its a single player game! Why does it matter to you how others play their game? Seriously, stfu.

      • LuckyLegion

        Dude are you serious it’s a single player game he/she paid for it if there’s an exploit its up to them to use it if they want. To reword your phrasing ‘it’s people like you’ telling others how they should do something that’s ruining the world nevermind a game

    • Josh Mcewin

      there is a simple way to get round this, 1. Don’t update, 2. get lots of shipments, 3. duplicate them till you have 10k+ of each material , 3.(Optional) Update your game and never worry about materials again Or Don’t Update at all.

      • Jade

        Not so simple ps4 automatically updates

        • Josh Mcewin

          PART:1 the way I got around it was by going to settings, System, Automatic Downloads, and then deselecting everything.(So it don’t update in rest mode) PART:2 then I went to notifications, downloads, then selected the fallout 4 option, then hit the options button on the remote and hit delete(This cancels the update) since I don’t have my ps4 hocked up to internet I don’t have to worry about it, PART:3 but I think every time you login to PSN it might try to start the download again, just repeat Step 2,(I messed up and had it to update on rest so I fully download the update but because I was in game i was able to delete it before it installed) I hope this helps

    • Austin Barnard

      I don’t know why they take things like that away. Seems like their priorities are off. Fix the quest bugs and the level 4 vendor recruiting bugs first.

  • Dave

    Another problem I’ve had, was getting ‘murder’ points when slaying Synths during missions. You rack up 4 murders if you kill Synths in a certain room while playing the 1st ‘Brotherhood’ quest from the police station. Another a point is gained when you help the Railroad retrieve old tech in their Synth-polluted old base, when the game ‘loads’ the corpse of their old companion. (Apparently they’re blaming you for his death…)

  • Eric Gaston

    Like to be able to control provisioners from their home settlement or upon meetings while out roaming the wastes; labeled origins, clean up supply lines, invest, reassign settlers duties etc.

  • Blake Schur

    Bethesda please fix the issue with the final mission for the railroad. I entered the institute wearing power armor and it will not allow me to complete the last mission. All of my saves and auto saves have me stuck there since I ran around in there looking for the objective for about an hour. I would absolutely love if you guys could patch this so I don’t have to restart the game

  • Patrick Mackenzie

    Bug with cait! Can’t complete event because the quest won’t show up after talking to her

  • Jeffrey Vore

    Definitely noticed a stability upgrade as I stopped playing due to frame drops when panning past my organized chests at Red Rocket. Yes, I hoard, who doesn’t?

  • Gerson Holthausen

    I think that Bethesda should make it so weapons and armor in workshops are transferred as well when you have a supply line between settlements, it just makes it a lot easier to equip settlers good weapons, and getting yourself a weapon at a settlement. Nothing major but it would be amazing… What do you think?

  • Sole survivor

    Fix the glitch where when you switch to dogmeat as a companion you can’t access your pip boy, your weapon, or your menu screen and you also can’t interact with any workbench ect.

  • boricuamixn216

    It’s live. I’ll check it out eventually. The Dovision is absorbing my life right now.

    • Adam Lamb

      Mine too, so much.

    • Javier E. Colón

      ¡Yo lo quiero!

  • Your Future Ex Husband

    Fix “Trouble Brewin'” so I can get the damn Drinking Buddy where he needs to go!

  • 32-44-33-34-24

    Really wish they’d fix the created settlement door glitches.

  • poop

    What about the bugged Vault 81 quest involving getting Alexis to leave her husband?

    • William Burr

      Or the bugged Vault 81 quest wherein Calvin turns into a generic npc who no longer wants to buy your tools. Or the bugged Vault 81 quest in which Doc Forsythe won’t buy fertilizer from you anymore. Or the bugged Vault 81 quest where Bobby just keeps smoking Jet and doesn’t respond. Vault 81 is a mess.