Bugatti Chiron color options are limited

If you squint while looking at the Bugatti Chiron, you will think that you are looking at the Veyron. Having said that, many aspects of the car have changed, although it’s the engine that has seen the biggest upgrade.

Having already looked into this, we thought you might want to know about something else to do with the vehicle, although not as interesting. We are talking abut the Bugatti Chiron color options. However, because this is not a mass produced car, the color options are limited, although they are striking.

The worrying thing is, the set-up of the Veyron was far more versatile, and the colorizer was also more exciting as well. When we said limited above, we were not joking, as there is just a choice of eight color schemes.

Bugatti Chiron color options

We are told that the color options will be broken into two parts, and these are the doors, hood, and front fenders all in one color, and the roof, rear end, rear fenders, lower front bumper and the sills in another.

You can also opt for several other details to color, which includes the brake calipers, and no doubt certain aspects of the interior, although the preview does not offer any details on this, although you can head over to the Bugatti website to learn more.



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