Black Ops 3 1.08 update features for multiplayer, zombies

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2016

The next Call of Duty Black Ops 3 update will likely be 1.08 update on both Xbox One and PS4. While we don’t know if the next patch will land when the next DLC releases, it’s highly likely to land so that Treyarch can fix glitches that have been discovered on 1.07.

Black Ops 3 1.07 has just arrived on all platforms, with Treyarch offering their latest wave of multiplayer and zombie fixes including an issue involving dark matter camos on black market weapons.

We have a reminder of the full list of changes in Black Ops 3 1.07, which you can read in full on the new website that Activision support has set up – you need to navigate to the right hand side of the page and look under the ‘Latest Game Updates’ section to find patch notes relevant to your platform.


With that in mind, we want you to tell us what you would like to see fixed or introduced in Black Ops 3 1.08. It’s safe to say that G-Sliding won’t be coming back in the game, but is there anything else you want to see?

With BO3 patch 1.08, Treyarch will most likely be issuing more weapon balances so now is your time to get the feedback in – for both multiplayer and zombies.

We also have had a few complaints that the Xbox One version specifically is crashing to the dashboard on occasion.

Black Ops 3 1.08 will be coming soon, so leave your requested features below and let us know if you see the update go live!

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  • David

    Fix spawns! People spawn right behind me, even when I’m blocking spawns!

  • ZakCuster

    Something about everybody getting Nuk3town and some camos, calling cards, and recticles. thats part of the daily message. Im not sure if it is new or not, I didnt pay attention before.

  • ZakCuster

    “Security and stability fixes”

    • lee


      • ZakCuster

        Ps4 Update history option on the app.

  • NoTooth69

    The update size on ps4 is 10.791gb

  • John

    about 2 GB

  • rob

    Does anybody no what size mb the new up date is as I’m only playing online through a WiFi dongle and have limited data

    • ZakCuster

      10.791 GB on ps4

      • John

        10,813GB if you are a non cheater on PS4 😀

        • ZakCuster

          Whats that supposed to mean?

  • lee

    It’s takin piss to download lol. Said 16min now 45min

  • John

    patchnotes plx

  • lee

    1.08 is also downloading on my ps4 as I type this does Any1 no what it’s for exactly

  • ZakCuster

    Well 1.08 patch is downloading on my PS4 right now.. I’d love an option for infinite health on zombies to just have some fun shooting stuff. It would also be nice to knock a zombie to the ground if it gets in my way. I’m not sure about gun scaling, not a big multiplayer guy myself.

    • jack

      thats deffo gonna happen r u stupid