The Division launch times for online servers in EST, PST, UK

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2016

We know many of you are wanting know to find out what The Division launch times are for online servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you wasn’t aware, the times for play will differ depending on whether you have a retail copy of the game, or a digital one.

As a result, we have a last minute reminder for you for when the The Division online servers will go live. If you have a retail copy, it will be at 8am Eastern Time, 5am Pacific Time and 1pm UK time on March 7 for PS4 and Xbox One copies.

This is to accommodate Australian gamers, as 8am Eastern Time will translate to 12am midnight in Australia allowing them to play at launch – so basically if you have an early copy this is good news for you.

If you need a heads-up on what time The Division servers are live on PC, this will be at 12am Eastern Time, 9PM Pacific Time and 5am UK time.


For those with a digital copy of the game, you will have to wait until midnight in your own local timezone to play. So for example: midnight EST, midnight PST and midnight GMT to make it fair for everyone on PS4 and Xbox One.

PC again differs slightly as Ubisoft will turn on the servers at 12am Eastern Time, 9am Pacific Time so make sure you are aware of the times.

So there we have it – do you have a retail version early or a digital copy of the game? Let us know if you run into any problems below while waiting for The Division multiplayer servers or Dark Zone servers to go live.

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  • I guess I’ll be waiting until Midnight then as I got the digital Edition. Seems a little unfair that even though the game is preloaded onto my console, those with Physical copies get to play first, but whatever. I will be having fun playing late tonight

    • Steven Michael Miller

      I believe this website stated that incorrectly. If you look at the image in the article it says “00:01am in each countries local time zone. ” then in parentheses it says “00:01am EST for USA and Canada. ” which I take to mean that midnight EST is being applied as the go time for the entire country of both USA and Canada…at least I hope since I’m in PST USA.