Fire Emblem Fates Revelation US release date with EU wait

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2016

We have a reminder that we are almost ready for the Fire Emblem Fates Revelations release date in the US. Unfortunately, it’s also a reality check for those in Europe who have a long delay ahead of them in wait for their version.

Those who already have a copy of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest in the US have the opportunity to download Revelations from the eShop on Wednesday March 10.

The price of Fire Emblem Fates Revelation will be $20 as long as you own either Birthright or Conquest – starting out from fresh will cost $40.


For those wondering how to buy Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, Nintendo has already provided the instructions. You need to select ‘Explore Paths‘ from the start menu, or if you already have your code just head to Dragon’s Gate to redeem it – this will be available after completing Chapter 6 on your path.

If you live in Europe though, the bad news is that the Fire Emblem Fates release date is not until May 20 so you have a long time to wait. The only bit of positive news about this is that there will be a bundle available allowing you to pick up Birthright, Conquest and Revelations on a single game card.

Will you be buying Revelations in the US this week? Give us your thoughts on the game as many are calling it one of the best games to ever land on 3DS.

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  • John Doe

    March 10th is Thursday not Wednesday…

    • Jane Doe

      For most of those in Europe and Asia, it’s Wednesday. For those in North America, it’s Thursday.
      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Time zones are a thing in this world.

      • Ronnie Suchiato

        That’s not how timezones work …

  • Sheperd West

    Very impressed by Conquest and Birthright. I cannot wait to explore revelations. I just hope that players get decent supporting characters and maybe some that aren’t featured in either of the first two versions.

    • John Doe

      Both paths were pretty fun to play although a bit predictable in story progression and those who only played Conquest would miss out a lot on the plot. Looking forward to the final pieces of the puzzle with Revelation.

      • Kevin Manrique

        I have yet to play Conquest, but I was sadly disappointed with the story of Birthright. Is Conquest darker?

        Having played the GBA fire emblem games as well as the last one. I felt the GBA fire emblem games have a much better story, especially the first one on GBA. It was dark and drew you into the characters and their story with Lyn,Eliwood, and Hector. While in fates whole brother and sister story was so childish and was way over used.

        • Makun

          It’s actually lighter in terms of plot.

        • Kevin Manrique

          Which would be a good thing or bad? If its the same brotherly/sister thing. Then I would assume it is better that takes a back seat.