Black Ops 3 DLC 2 Ignition leaked image divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2016

There is a lot of anticipation in the air at the moment, with Treyarch making fans sweat with regards to the Black Ops 3 DLC 2 release date. Now, we can see that speculation is really heating up after an apparent ‘leaked’ image suggests that the BO3 DLC 2 could be called ‘Ignition’.

Treyarch nor Activision have announced anything yet and don’t forget we have only just had the content launched on Xbox and PC platforms.

PS4 players are already thirsty for more though after Awakening and you can see the image that is currently doing the rounds all over social media below.


If true, then we could see four new multiplayer maps that are called Breakout, Rooftop, Hangar and Junction. More importantly though, this poster claims that the next Black Ops 3 zombies map will be called ‘Die Insel’.

When translated from German this means ‘The Island’ which apparently backs up other rumors suggesting that the next zombie map is going to be set on an island.

Having said that, you should be well aware how easy it is to create these kinds of images on photoshop. With that in mind, we suggest you to take the image with a grain of salt and just treat it as an interesting rumor for now.

Would you like the sound of these four maps though and a new zombie map on an island after Der Eisendrache?

Don’t forget that Ignition or whatever it will be called could be out on this date.

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  • Kni Ferox

    The next zombie map will be in russia and it give dragons now comes nikolais part

    • jarrad

      it won’t be in Russia because in the zetsubo no shima easter egg rictofin says “i have something to do first” after nikoli says guess its my turn next


    I think the next zombie map might be in russia

  • josh

    Yup it is fake just search City Hub Thief in google images and the picture that is used for the zombies map will show up

  • brandon perry

    This is fake the map wouldnt be called the island thats too just normal it would be called something like the division or something cool

    • .Monkey

      Der reise is the giant which is just as simple but its in the game

  • Liam Jones

    Fake image for the Zombie map, its the City Hub from Thief

  • blackcravin

    Need to fix the supply boxes.. so we can get the new weapons.. im maxed level on all and yet to unlock any new weapons!!

    • Will Geach

      Well I got the mx garand twice in about an hour and I didn’t pay a penny to buy my way into the game

      • blackcravin

        pity you cant donate them lol..
        i have played so much and got so many coins and still nothing.. its frustrating to know there are extra weapons to enjoy the game with but struggle to get them..